Seize the moment!

Seize the moment – when your wife tells you that you can go fishing – Do it!


Sure I caught nothing however at least I was out there – casting and wading.
Sunday was a funny day – it was kinda bright with a cold wind. The Kelvin also was a little cold. In fact it was damn cold (not absolute zero which is still hot) however cold enough to make me think I had a leak in my new waders – turned out it was just an exceptionally cold bottom I had.

A good pre spring day – on days like this you can see all the shady pipes that spew “stuff” into the river. Also as all the bushes are bare you can work out routes to new spots – perfect!


As usual appalled at the detritus washed up at bottle necks – bizarrely shopping trolleys are good for trout – they give immature trout somewhere to hide, the weed they collect encourages insect life and they put “real” anglers off fishing urban rivers.


Anyway, I caught nowt – however on looking through my fly box I noted I had very few small scruffy olives – considering my first (and only) trout of the season was caught on one I spent a quick hour (today was an exceptional day when it came to free time – the God’s were smiling) at the Vice. 


It did not take an hour to tie up the one fly – ended up with a dozen elite fighters to add to the ranks!


  1. Peter · April 6, 2009

    Fancy blocking one of those pipes and cause a backflow,then see who screams the loudest.We can then say don`t worry the stuff is quite harmless.Do you ever wonder how many of those pipes are illegal?

  2. David · April 6, 2009

    When my wife suggests I go fishing she hasn’t quite finished the sentence and I am already half way on with the waders and the door is slamming behind me. Roll on those light evenings when I can sneak out after all the kids are in bed and fish until way after 10 pm.

    We have some suspicious looking pipes flowing into the river, there is not much industrial works round here so I believe that most of them must just be land drains from farmland and roads.

    Is the motive in not clearing away the rubbish to keep the “real” anglers away true or is just pointless to clear it because it just keeps reappearing ?

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  4. Paul · April 6, 2009

    That particular pipe is mingin Alistair, when the water is low there is some nasty smelling shit (literally) collecting beneath it. Think it comes from those flats which I used to live in.
    Looking forward to some fun sessions upstream of there once things heat up a bit 🙂

  5. Alistair · April 6, 2009

    You have moved Paul?

    That was one sweet place to live with good trout fishing on your doorstep 😉

  6. Paul · April 6, 2009

    Yeah I really miss being able to look into the river from the window.Living right next to a river allows you to catch it at perfect times whenever flies are hatching and fish rising.However im only up on Oban Dr now so I still get to check the river conditions out from Queen Margaret Dr every day on my way to and from work.
    Got my Kelvin permit at the weekend, need to get down there soon.

  7. Roddy · April 6, 2009

    Hi Paul
    That olive looks quite good, mate, wit if I pay you another compliment or two and you kin send me a few…I will road test them on the Cart and report back?!? Regards those pipes: many of them date back to centurys past and were forgotten (if thats the correct term) to be plumbed into the main sewerage system. Blocking them can be quite good fun and any old telephone pole (provided you can lift it) should be whittled to to fit and firmly engaged in the pipe by using a slegde hammer: I know its a lot of material to carry but its worth it in the long run.

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