Second Rule – find feeding Pike…

I thought it was perfect conditions for Pike today – it was cloudy, warm and a slight breeze. Turns out the conditions don’t matter if the Pike are not in the mood – turns out you have got to go hunting and change all your tactics. If the first rule of pike fishing is “First, find your Pike”, then the second is “find a feeding Pike” – well I managed to comply with the first rule no problem – although they just kind of sat there – or did a quick bolt as soon as my fly hit the water. I managed to winkle a couple out after a couple of hours however things were definitely different.

I ended up heading for another spot which was not shielded from the wind like my first spot. At this place the waves were crashing into the weeds and there were a few scary moments when the waves came right up my back. I will just stay for ten mins I told myself and then I will head home….

Bang, bang, bang – five pike one after the other – all on my white EP fibre streamer – they must have been sitting right next to the weeds hiding in the waves.

I walked along the shore and located another similar spot – another two although they were a lot smaller than the others – still it shows to go you that if Pike are not in the mood in one place then they might be in the mood at another.


  1. Campbell S · September 21, 2008

    Nice work there Alistair. Were the baitfish busting through the surface, or was it all subdued?

    No fishing for me today, but went for a walk along the Luggie and the trout were rising, got to get out, aaaargh

  2. Alistair · September 21, 2008

    Hey Campbell – aye the bait fish were on the move and I seen them scattering a few times – never cam eto anything though. Good to hear trout were rising on the Luggie – my penance was of course yesterday when I had to lay a laminate floor in my study – one room down – three to go 🙁

  3. Campbell S · September 21, 2008

    Yikes! How’s that going? I guess it paid off since you had a succesful day.

  4. Paul · September 21, 2008

    Nice one Alistair.Thats a top day’s piking.

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