Sea Trout n Salmon

When people talk about Sea Trout fishing at night what they fail to tell you is just how fucked you will be the next day. Yesterday morning I found myself in a car whizzing back from the North Esk struggling to keep my eyes open, I caught brief glimpses of what was going on in between snoozes. I distinctly remember Alan saying that’s ok just have a snooze but then everything went a bit blurry, I remember stopping at the side of the road and Alan saying “need to close my eyes for ten minutes” and then shooting off again. I remember opening my eyes and seeing a sign reading “Welcome to Dundee” I pointed out that I had not seen that on the way up -“funny that neither had I” pointed out Alan before pulling over for another 10 mins shut eye.

It all started with rather large salmon splashing around in a named pool on the river, very very impressive. The car was parked next to the river as our base and we had a few pools to ourselves- all very posh.
I have never fished through the night before for Sea Trout and a couple of things struck me. Firstly everything seems a whole lot heavier during the night- the rod, line and the fly. I kept on checking my mini tube as I was sure that I was trailing weed. I made a bit of a major mistake by missing my only Sea Trout of the night- I felt it plucking, once then twice I should have lifted my rod into it but instead my sleep addled mind froze- I had been waiting for this moment for a while- the fish gave a great boil on the surface and was gone.
Later Allan caught a Sea Trout, a tremendous fish that gave a couple of searing runs. In the morning it was my turn to mess up again losing a Grilse to my flying C.
sea trout
This time I am unsure as to what happened, I think I got into a muddle with the backwind on my reel and it was off.
I then spent my remainder time slogging away at a pool with what seemed like massive Salmon rolling constantly- all very exiting !
Still, you don’t need to catch fish for it to be a good nights fishing.


  1. Gareth Lewis · August 1, 2006

    “Still, you don’t need to catch fish for it to be a good nights fishing.”

    Spot on there Alistair!

    Never mind though, you know how it works; experience is everything in this game, I’m sure you’ll be pulling them out one after another next time! 😉


  2. Alan Atkins · August 1, 2006

    Nice piece Alistair, the Esk looks very picturesque. I think you did very well for your first time out in the dark, and you had a fish on.It took me all of 2 seasons before i even had a pluck in the night. There probably will not be much sea trouting left this year , but i will be visiting the Esk again for salmon so i will give you a shout.Glad that you enjoyed yourself though, oh and the grilse tasted superb baked in herbs ansd lemon butter later that night. I actually got beyond tired and did not end up going to bed until around 1am Sunday morning, i’m really suffering this week at work but it was worth it , see you soon for a cast, the Kelvin must be in good order now. Ib fact i bet there is a run of silver boys in now….mmmmm a night session on the Kelvin perhaps !!!

  3. Olli · August 1, 2006


    What you need is a baby. After just few months of constant sleep deprivation you can spent a night fishing and drive home like it is just normal day. I know, I have been there. The problem is that without practise the skill is lost. On the other hand I don’t look like a living dead anymore…

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