Sea Loch

It has been a cold weekend since Friday and this morning I managed to sneak away from the house for a few hours after Sea Trout. I noted the state of tide was right for a local spot where I knew Sea Trout had been caught before and decided that I may as well go for it. I decided that as I am such a novice at this I would leave the fly rod at home and instead use my brand new [amazon_link id=”B00AIADUKO” target=”_blank” ]Tronix Pro HTO Rockfish ML 7ft 10in [/amazon_link] which I had bought last month.


Good State of Tide

I cast my wee Toby again and again and every now and then I wondered if I was doing it right and then noticed a dark shape following my lure – at least I knew they were their. I fished on and then for a half hour or so I was almost in a trance until something made me super aware of my surroundings, I noticed the birds and the waves as well as a Seal sunbathing a distance away. I felt a bump bump bump and almost at my feet it looked like two Sea Trout trying to get my Toby – thankfully one of them one!

The Winner


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