Scary wading!

So today I had one of those crazy “I think I am going to drown moments”. I had waded out to the middle of the river that I was fishing. Rather foolhardy really. It was difficult fishing in the wind and you had to get yourself into particular positions to be able to present a dry fly properly… was hard fishing as the fish would “come on” for say 10-15 mins and if you seen a fish you had to keep going at it unless you pricked it, spooked it or caught it. So when you seen a fish rising you went for it.
I was standing in the middle of the river on a little island and the wind was blowing a terrible gale. Anyway, I decided to go back to the other side of the river where there was a little ruffle nearer the far bank out of the main flow. I was sure there was a fish rising. I started to wade back across at a part that I thought was fairly shallow. Hell, it looked it. Well, I was about half way across when I realised that the water was now up to my waist…..and rising with each half step that I was taking. Now this might not sound bad BUT the flow was pretty strong at this point….I was at that stage where you are not sure what is worse: to turn around and go back or just keep on going. I’m not sure I would have actually been able to turn around if the truth be told as the current was so strong. I shuffled forward another foot and the water came up another few inches. “oops” I thought (or words to that affect) and this is when I started to get a bit panicky. When I say panicky what I mean is that inside my head I was saying “Oh no oh no oh no oh no” The flow was so strong that it was nearly lifting me off my feet……and jumping baboons was the damn thing not getting stronger…and ….wait a minute it was getting colder as well (that was in fact the start of freeze to death)…I shuffled forward another few inches….it was hard picking up my foot as if I didn’t have both feet on the gravel then I might lose my balance in the current and then get swept off my feet…which was a distinct possibility…..I was shitting myself (in the imaginary sense not literally). Ooooooh AAAAAhhh…shuffle shuffle…I had to take a chance and take a step….the other problem with this was that there was some funny deep holes. Like in a shallower part I had taken a step and had found myself up to my waist in water when I thought I would be up to my knees.
So I shuffled.
This seemed to go on for ages. Shuffle …small step…feel with foot…jam leg next to a boulder…take a rest…shuffle…you get the idea!
I felt the flow easing slightly….by bagoombas I was going to make it….another little step I was out the worst….and I could see a fish rising in the little bit I was trying to get too. For the moment my little panic was forgotten as I fished on. Caught some lovely brownies today…didn’t get the Grayling I was after but maybe next weekend.
Later on when I was telling my fishing partner about the fright I had it didn’t seem as bad……”nearly fell in…shit busted too….was in ma pocket”

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