Saturday Salmon..

Long story short I caught feck all and had my picture taken holding a spinning rod – is this what I have been reduced to?

Paul Reid - not floundering - honest!

I jest – I jest – it was a nice being on the river when ordinarily I would be waiting some 150 days (give or take) before I get another chance to fish – the trout season slipped by largely unnoticed a few days ago – that was a bit sneaky I thought today as I realised I could not actually go trout fishing instead of might not – that make sense? I will tell you what else is sneaky – Autumn! One minute we have full lovely trees looking all green and the sun is warm on your face and next day the leaves are all brown and their is a distinct feeling of cold creeping in.

Even the Giant Hogweed is dying fast...

So where does that leave us…and by us I mean me as at this precise moment I am wondering what my options are – Pike I suppose and I have promised some pals I would drag on my thermal underwear and brave a few Grayling trips.

On the non fishing front it is now time to properly get the old JVice out and start tying flees for the next season – it crept up on me this year and I do not want to let it happen again.  I have some lovely Fly Rite dubbing that will cover every shade of upwing and I am gagging to properly fill up my fly box.

The Botanics..

I have a sneaky feeling that winter walks are about to fill up my weekends – plenty of walks through the Botanics will be in order – boy in tow.

Close season fun also involves the annual madfest that is the River Kelvin Angling Association EGM and AGM. The EGM will have a set agenda to discuss changes to the constitution and a few other bits n’ bobs while the AGM is usually in the New Year to set out further plans for the future.

What fun – tally-ho !


  1. There’s still a few empty seats at the tying club Alistair… not many though, it was pretty busy last week. We going to see you this year?

  2. Yeah… Since I started going last year I’ve only missed a couple of weeks. Good club with good folks.

  3. Occasionally JimD and I let JimL tie a fly, usually it a case of “Jim can you show me” repeated ad infinitum for the whole night!!!

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