So Claire wanted to go to a shop that ran next to one of the Kelvin tributaries. First of all I was impressed as I could see some trout rising right next to a wall that is part of a supermarket. The water “ok” although there was a couple of shopping trolleys and a rather bizarre umbrella floating about in a pool.

I walked on down to a little park and was appalled at the amount of rubbish in the river. There was plastic bags and litter everywhere. I wish I knew exactly who it is that does stuff like that….I mean do they do it intentionally or something. I could not imagine going into a park on a nice day and then throwing all my rubbish away.

I went down to the Kelvin this evening but there was not many fish moving at all. Met a guy who regulary fishes the river who caught a couple on the wet fly but in the whole it was a poor night. I am hoping for some heavy rain to give the fish some oxygen.