Roddy Finnie Flies..

So Roddy Finnie of “The Busby Angling Association” (he is the secretary) decided to send me some flies. Take note you guys – if there is something I like better than having a chat with a fellow angler on the river bank it is receiving free shit through the post – anyway, Roddy would not mind if I shared some of his creations with you, it was also the first time I had put a hook in the Nor Vise – and very nice it was too.

The Flies

p2190295Roddy Says “An excellent early to mid season fly fished slow and deep and is often taken (in rivers) without you inducing movement”

Size 12/10
Black thread
Fine gold wire thread
Pale yellow thread body and dark brown thread for thorax
Brown or black hackle
Pheasant wing folded

p2190296Roddy Says “Another good all-rounder – best fished slowly with agitated draws and near the bottom”

Size 10 is big enough (heavy hook)
Tail – cock pheasant
Body & folded wing – hen pheasant as this produces a buff colour.
Fine copper wire as rib
Black thread
Brown hackle

p2190294Roddy Says “Good all season fly fished on a floating line just below surface – slowly. Represents many dark species of insects”

Size 12
Fine black thread
Fine gold wire
Wing folded seagull (it is more robust)
Small soft badger hackle (or black)

p2190293Roddy Says “Good all season – again fished slow”

Size 12
Black thread
Fine gold wire
Dark olive wool
Peacock herl thorax
Folded wing pheasant
Brown or green hackle

 Thanks Roddy!

So I would just like to say thank you to Roddy for sharing some of his flies with us and especially for sending me them – if anyone out else there  fancies sending me flies I could do with a dozen Deer Hair Emergers.

In the meantime – I have some hot new patterns to try out!


  1. Roddy Finnie · February 19, 2009

    Hi Alistair
    The flies look pretty good…who’s the photographer?!?
    In the last two seasons I had a go at making whoolit or hoolit moths as these monsters were making reservoir fish go bananas during the summer nights, and as your looking for Deer Hair Emergers (what ever they are) maybe you’ll settle for a few of these moths…my pal, Tommy, affectionately calls them the yaghts as they catch the slightest wind and scurry along the surface…in the post soon!

  2. DSFlyman · February 19, 2009

    nice – some of those soft hackles look pretty tasty.

    DSFlyman’s last blog post..Economic Lemons Make Fly Tying Lemonade

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