Roasty Toasty!!

Its roasty toasty outsode today, the chances are it i sgoing to stay like that tommorow…….ach well. Anyway ive decided tommorow im going to hit the west end. I was going to go this afternoon but I was up late last night , steaming drunk at a familly barby. So i woke late, need to hit the gym.
Yesterday was good. I was early for work and took a walk along the Kelvin, there was a guy walking towards me who looked familiar, i was sure that he was one of the guys who had been blowing off steam at the AGM. I had seen him walking along the kelvin in the past with another guy and so i decided to ask him. We chatted for a good while, what a nice guy, its funny the people that you meet that you wouldnt think they were the way you would imagine them……do you know what i mean?? He was responsible for a lot of cleaning on the river, pulling out old shopping trolleys and crates and bikes after spates, in January and through the season. He had had went to a meeting with the council and they were so impressed with his argument that they erected a fence to keep out the dogs that were eroding a certain part of the bank. I dont understand why it is not people like this that the Assocciation is persuing to get them under their wing, the guy is a valuable commodity. Ive seen him more than the bailifs on the water……..seemingly the bailifs do a lot of work at night on the water to deter poachers, hmmmmm I dont know ive never seen any on the water during the day and last season i was down there every day……………I know they are voluntary n all, but why doesnt the Association get more voluntary bailifs to go on the water during the day? All it would take would be a couple of guys at the weekend to walk through the park with a T shirt that said “Kelvin bailiff” to let people know that there was an assocciation and that if you fished you were likely to be asked for a permit.
I know I sound a bit harsh, but as usuall i would like to draw your attention to the vet school. There is supposed to be 6 anglers signed in, any method……….sometimes i go down their and 10 -15 guys are all lounging about with static lines sticking out into the water, catching undersized trout ………all it would take is a bailiff to visit a couple of times a month on the hot days……as thats when they go to get the word out that they should move to another part of the river………im not saying deny them the “sport” im just saying at that stretch………. there are other parts of the river, but they seem to gravitate towards there….ahh well.

Can you tell ive got a bad hangover?