If there is something I like, other than a bargain, it is good service. I have written about Riverkeeper before but thought I would again just in case you missed it. It is now nearly the start of the season and I am doing my usual getting my tackle sorted out, what I need new and what I can salvage from last year. What I cannot salvage are my tapered leaders. Anyway, rather than trek all the way to the GAC I remember that this nice little online shops sells lots of Fulling Mill stuff and therefore ordered up some Fulling Mill tapered leaders, some “Shake n Float” and some putty for nymphing. No order too large or small it all comes with free next day delivery. Startling service!
Next week I am going to start attaching my tapered leaders to my fly line, last year I used some dinky cast connectors but this year a friend is going to show me a trick using a needle and some glue.

Anyway, Riverkeeper sells lots of interesting fly fishing stuff including flies, reels, tapered leaders, rods etc . It is pretty much all Fulling Mill branded, but I reckon with them you cannot really go wrong!

You can visit the site here Riverkeeper