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So the wee River Kelvin Forum is going from strength to strength with around 170 members already – we have a nice little community gathering together talking about ….well all kinds of things really! We are discussing naming pools and areas on the river as well as making a hatch chart – we have enlisted the help of Craig from the co-ordinator of the Ephemeroptera Recording Scheme who will identify any insects we send him. We are going to be accessing funds to buy some sampling gear to get the ball rolling this year. We are also discussing the rules on the permit.

Heck – I even decided to open a Salmon & Sea Trout forum as you guys kept going on about it so much 

All restrictions on guest viewings have been lifted for the meantime – they will possibly be reinstated at a later date so to keep on accessing all the info you might as well join up now.

You can register here

If you want to have your say join up – do not be shy – nip in and say hello.



  1. Roddy Finnie · April 21, 2009

    Hi Alistair
    Would like to learn more about your forum, so, perhaps, you can drop me an email.

  2. Jackie · April 21, 2009

    Thanks for your comment – I’ll keep an eye out for fishers on the Kelvin (actually I did feature a (not very good) picture some months ago of some people fishing, I was on the Great Western Rd looking down.

    Jackie’s last blog post..Swan

  3. Alistair · April 21, 2009

    Thanks Jackie – love your blog – have added it to my list of daily visits!

  4. Roddy Finnie · April 21, 2009

    Hi Jackie
    I notice that one of your bloggers (or was it yourself) was hoping to see ducklings or young coots in the Queens Park: I think the ducks (not sure about the coots) have their young on other waters e.g. the White Cart as there are just too many predatory gulls hanging around the pond in the park and thats apart from the human disturbance; but the river is more secluded. Incidentally, and just in the last two weeks, me and my pal Tommy, seen pairs of mergansers and goosanders on the Cart and thats apart from the now standard Kingfishers, Dippers, Grey Herons etc. In the Linn Park we’ve also seen Dabchicks – which is quite unusual as we usually only see them on lochs or reservoirs. I tried to get into your picturs on your website Glasgow Daily Photos but without any joy – library computers are fine but you can always get access to everything that you want.

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