Review: The Trout Bum Diaries, Volume I

I was intrigued when I got my hands on this film; I have been a watcher of the Angling Exploration Group for a while now and was keen to see just what kind of film they had churned out. It was clear from the beginning this was not going to be your usual fly fishing DVD. For starters this film was shot as a diary, and in diaries (a bit like my diary really) things go wrong and even though it is a diary about fly fishing there is also a nice little mix of other stuff to keep you interested. For other stuff think gorgeous women in bikinis on beaches. In fact it just so happened that my beloved wife walked into the room talking to me so I paused the film

– What, er, are you watching?
– It’s a fly fishing DVD, its pretty good so far!
– I bet it is (with a raised eyebrow)

Yes, frozen on the screen was a woman with a tiny bikini.

Needless to say it is not all soft porn there are some actual fishing moments, and boy, what fishing moments- there are some films that make you say to yourself “I have GOT to fish there” and this without a doubt is one of them (also muttering under your breath what lucky bXXXXX they are). It must be stressed that this video is not out to teach anything other than possibly to ensure you never have a significant other or at least one that is very understanding as it can be classed as possibly every fly anglers dream trip. It also happens to be the best fish porn I have seen on disc
The enthusiasm of the guys is impressive although to be fair, can you get bored of waking up to a beautiful trout stream and within an hour catching a rather large trout ?, somehow I don’t think so.

There are some little bonus bits at the end of the film. I would say my only criticism is that there are a couple that deserve to be in the main film, there was one shot showing a dry fly drifting down a stream….well, I should really let you get the DVD.
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