Production Fly Tying – get yer’ vice on!

Time to get the old vise out for the Winter – I fully intend on visiting the Milngavie Fly Tyers again this year if I can find the time the odd Thursday night. Been flicking through my books on fly tying and always find this one a joy..

(the image is an affiliate link to Amazon which means I get a bung if you buy a copy)

I somehow managed to get my hands on a signed copy a couple of years ago – a chap in the states visited A.K.Best at his home and got him to sign a copy for me – he also gave me some flies in a rather nice box.

If you are new to tying or even not so new it gives handy practical tips on almost every aspect of fly tying technique – not patterns – pure how to tie flies! It is a great book with huge pictures which shows a lot of detail.


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  1. Rab · November 3, 2010

    Hi, I managed to get a copy of this book a few years back and it has been a great source of info,it has also taught me a lot of easier ways of tying flies. I think that if anyone is thinking of taking up fly tying it is definitely one to have in your library. Cheers Rab

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