Presents…..this time of year!

Well hello there, I hope you are all being very good and buying all your presents in plenty of time and not rushing about at the last minute. I have been very good and let my better half do all the shopping and just leave myself to buy something for her. So the other day I was in town hunting around for things to buy her. I am intrigued as to what she has bought me this year. Usually I get asked in plenty of time by people ….they all know when it comes to presents I like to get something that i will actually use…I loathe people wasting money on something that will sit in a corner not being used…the other day I told someone I was stingey….its not that Im stingey I like best value. Anyway, I have already had some rather nice gifts this year…….one of my friends gave me a rather nice net……..not this actuall one but one very like it ….
I also recieved in the post another fantastic gift. A while ago I had spoke about AK Best and his book Production Fly Tying 2nd edition

Well it seems that someone in the US actually lives quite close to AK Best and was visiting him about another thing entirely. Well to cut a long story short in the post I recived a signed copy of “Production Fly Tying” and a box of flies tied by AK Best. The flies I must admit will never get used….they will be shown proudly to any angler that will appreciate them. At the moment they are sitting rather nicely on my mantlepiece (although the old ball n chain wants the picture of her parents back up after crimbo) ….the price? a fishing partner when he and his friends visit from the states.

So I asked my partner if I could have a feel at what she had bought me and she said…….”no you will know what it is instantly”
Things I can rule out

1. A new fly rod….. this would involve phoning up people that fish. She was sneaky and booked a trip to Budapest for my birthday so I wouldnt rule that out… howver far too expensive
2. A real lightsaber…..After purchasing the soundtrack for The Empire Strikes Back: Special Edition Original Soundtrack (deluxe) [SOUNDTRACK] I took to walking around doing housework to the “Imperial March” I can rule this out …….something to do with physics or something like that!!
3. World Peace…..I always ask for World Peace……even the effort of writing to some world leaders would be nice……anyway our mail is mucked up.

Anyway, Ta Ta!!

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  1. jason · December 22, 2004

    I’ve been wanting to replace my current net with a wooden one like yours. Oooh, and a light-saber. That’d be nice too. For some reason though I can’t see you goose stepping about the house with a feather duster in one hand and a bottle of Windex in the other.

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