Plain weird!!!

Thought I would share my logs with you….this is one of the last ten searches that people have done to reach the blog

18/10/2004 05:31:02 n@ked girls (Google)
18/10/2004 05:28:48 fly-fishing for Barbel (Google)
18/10/2004 01:51:0 n@ked girls (Google)
18/10/2004 01:21:21 n@ked fishing girls (Google)
17/10/2004 21:32:28 river kelvin fishing (Google)
17/10/2004 19:21:57 national geographic n@ked girls (Google)
17/10/2004 19:13:43 n@ked fishing pictures (Google)
17/10/2004 18:26:53 n@ked girls in bed with fishing rods (Google)
17/10/2004 16:55:17 vision waders (Yahoo)
17/10/2004 16:47:32 Glasgow Coat of Arms (Google)

Good grief….. For a 50 quid I Will send you pictures of myself n@ked!!

edit…I had to put @ in place of “a” as I have been getting too many hits from people being pervy!!!


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