Pike on the Sabbath

I am sitting here writing this between coats of paint. You see, I had scheduled in to do some painting and decorating over the weekend and this meant definitely no fishing. However, there had to be somewhere in the schedule that I could squeeze in a few hours – it turned out that if I drastically cut back on my sleep I could get up at 0500 and be fishing for Pike at dawn. It worked – I was fishing for just past 0600 and within a few casts had a rather nice Pike – unfortunately the bank was a bog so apologies for rather shady picture which does not do the beast any favours.

I got a few more follows and sharp pulls and rather impressive swirls however they did not come to anything other than getting my heart pounding…

I ended up catching several tiny jacks – they were being rather hopeful I thought as my fly was about half the size of the pike.

It was not just the Pike that got my heart racing – the spot on Loch Lomond I fish is guarded by a couple of dozen ninja cows – they are braver than your average cows and stand their ground just that little bit too long when you are walking by them.


  1. Andy C · August 17, 2008

    i hate ninja cows there deadly iv had bad times with them

  2. Alistair · August 17, 2008

    You and me both brother – you and me both!

  3. Andy C · August 17, 2008

    they look like dopey things but i can tell u they ambushed me .they had me running up and doon a field with all ma fishing gear my mates found it very funny but i avoid them now dont get me wrong i still eat them but the ones in the field i leave alone lol

  4. Murdock · August 17, 2008

    Holy Pike!

  5. scott · August 17, 2008

    i have a weird phobia of cows aswell, theyve turned me away from many a good pool haha

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