Pike Fly Fishing – Rasmus Hansencom

This video has been doing the rounds for a while now- seeing as so many of you guys seem to like your Pike I thought I would post it for your enjoyment. Make sure you check out rasmus hansencom

Edit – the video is disabled – you will have to head over to You Tube to watch it.


  1. Looking at his site, he does a lot of his fishing in Sweden. I wonder how much catch and release he does – they eat a lot of pike or gädda as it’s called in Sweden.

    It also looks like some of that was filmed in the Baltic. Quite odd to think of freshwater fish being caught in the sea, but there it is…

  2. Hi James – I have read Rasmus releases all his Pike unless they have been damaged in some way and then he takes them home to eat. Yea, I think its strange they catch them in the sea as well 🙂

  3. What a totally awesome video.

    That looks just like me in my float tube fishing for Pickerel but man that’s a lot bigger than the Pickerel grow around here.

    I have to take another fly in trip and get some monsters.

    Pike are one crazy fish. Every time I go to clean my hands in the water I expect to get eaten.

  4. From what i gather the baltic is one of if not THE best pike venue on earth. I find it interesting that in the uk pike fisherman predominantly use deadbaits, which are supposed to better for cold temperatures. But in scandinavia and north america its almost exclusively lures or flies they use and they are much colder areas.

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