Pike action on the Forth n Clyde!!

So I headed down to the canal for a bit of Pike action.
No I was not using a fly rod (for my sins) I was using a nice spinning rod with a big “fuck off” plug that dived and darted and generally did impressions of a dying fish. It was all very exiting! A few Jacks went for my plug I could see them shoot at it and then be on for a second and then off again. Good fun. In the end I only managed to actually land one (the smallest, that’s my story and I am sticking too it anyway)
There is a place where the canal goes over the Kelvin so I walked down to have a look at the river; sadly it was at this place that a young woman was murdered the other day, there were police cars and flowers on the ground where her body was found.

Anyway, I took a walk down to the weir and was amazed at the amount of water going down it. No Salmon that I could see trying to get up although they would have to be some pretty fit fish to actually manage it.