Paul Procter at Milngavie Fly Tying Evening – Thursday 26th February

Paul Procter is giving a talk and fly tying demo at the North Glasgow Fly Tyers on some secret river flies. The venue as usual is Milngavie library and starts at 7pm. The fee for non members (or those that attend sporadically) will be around £5.

This will be a most excellent talk by a very well respected angler.

Paul Procters main site

Paul Procter on Orvis


  1. defiantly going to make the effort to come along… well done for organising events like this and not just procrastinating about them like so many of us do!

  2. went along to the club last Thursday (19th Feb) and was made very welcome, an interesting bunch with some hilarious patter… 😎

  3. Alistair/Alberto

    what’s the usual format for these demo nights, sit in serried rows for a couple of hours watching and listening or will he show a fly or two and then work the room as people try to replicate? …just asking as I’m now the proud owner of an old vice (£3 on eBay) and some medical tools, at least that’s what they look like to me? hehe

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