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One of the things I love best about fishing is looking at flies – they look so interesting – here is a small gallery, and a snail thrown in for good measure.

Click on the pic for a larger view..

Well hello there my pretty…

Another meeting at the place with a wee river running past it – I was a little early and stopped the car to look at the pool where I caught the trout last time. I watched several trout rising – I had no time so went to the meeting – it ended up taking longer than I thought, I did not mind though as it meant I could have a cast at the end of the day before going home.

I walked along the edge of this little stream – a lot of it is unfishable or to be more accurate very difficult to fish. I never seen a trout.

I only seen a trout at the pool which I promptly spooked as the water is deep and slow. I then managed to get one on a pheasant tail nymph (tied traditionally with no thread) fished under a dropper. After another ten mins I had come in contact with a couple of fish and the pool was spooked.

I crept up and peered into the pool – it was stuffed with fish – obviously the one I had caught was one of the tiddlers. I tried casting to them from where I was watching however they were very spooky and would bolt around the pool every time they seen the indicator. Sometimes the nymph would drift past almost at their noses however the trout would pay it no attention. Eventually I stood up and the trout scattered.

Orvis Podcast…

I am off on holiday next week, I have a long distance to drive and started to scout around for some new music and some audio books to listen to – yegads, suddenly I remembered about the Orvis pod casts – I mentioned them a while ago and they had went totally out of my thoughts. I checked back the Orvis site and they now have a few up to listen to. All the pod casts are on pretty essential subjects – knots, fish habitat, choosing a leader etc.

I have no idea who Tom Rosenbauer is, seemingly he is the author of numerous fly-fishing books has been a fly fisher for over 35 years, and was a commercial fly tier by age 14 (which probably means he tied flies for his dad) however his first words of wisdom were pretty interesting so I am looking forward to sticking these on my mp3 player for next week.

Fish Bum 1: Mongolia River Wolf – Review

I have a confession to make – I received this DVD ages ago but due to one thing and another I never watched it until now. That’s the problem when you get stuff to review you can’t just hang around you have got to do it. When I buy a fishing DVD or movie I always wait for ages until the best possible moment to watch it – like winter or when the fishing is especially lousy – possibly a rainy day or just plain old when I want to watch it. It’s not like that when I get stuff to review I need to actually do it quickly- oh heaven help me against procrastination.

Anyway, I bet you have already read a review of the Angling Exploration Groups adventures in Mongolia already? Does that mean I don’t have to do it? I suppose I had better say something as I want them to send me the next in the series at some point in the future…..however when I was watching the movie I was trying to work out exactly what to say about it – something catchy they could quote me on, something they could use on their promotional stuff. How about:

“It’s Fu**ing Great”

“More porno than a drunken threesome”

The last movie I reviewed for them I compared it to a porno film full of “money shots” – if you don’t know what that is look it up. Essentially that moment of extreme satisfaction when you see a fish take a fly off the surface and the rod bends – pure money shot.

I like watching movies like this with pals (edit:fishing movies) – I watched the last two Angling Exploration Group films again a few weeks ago with a visiting friend – we had got home from a hard days fishing and it was nice to watch someone catching enormous fish.

I watched this one rather haltingly as I kept having to go and do stuff, I kept on having to pause it.  The funny thing is every time I paused the film when I looked at the screen it looked like a professional picture – you could pretty much print it out and it would look great – no matter what frame you used. I suppose that is what I like about these movies they just look so damn good.

You can buy from Amazon US..

Fish Bum 1: Mongolia River Wolf

It all comes together…

It was one of those days I have been waiting for. I have been watching the weather forecast like a hawk waiting for a slight respite in the rain and just a tad of heat.

The river was the colour of weak tea, up around a foot and there was a howling gale which made casting very tricky, the temp was good – possibly around 13-17 when the sun came out. There was also the occasional heavy rain storm. Like I say perfect conditions for this river.

I walked down the river and spotted a couple of trout rising the other side of the river, I waded across and discovered that the patch in the crotch of my waders does not seem to be covering the leak. I had spent another hour last week adding more sticky stuff however that does not seem to be working either. However, at that moment in time it did not seem like a big issue as there was trout to be caught. I caught one, two, three, four, five trout from this spot – all big ones maybe around the pound mark – they fought like devils!

 I then waded upstream – the birds wheeling around pretty constantly taking flies on the wing. I never really seen what they were taking, or the trout for that matter – in the   beginning I think they were taking yellow mays and later some kind of olive – I was catching fish constantly – sometimes on my little olive paraloop and sometimes of my comparadun. When the trout stopped taking on the surface briefly I put on a dry and dropper and started catching them under the surface. I managed to foul hook an enormous grayling of around 2lb in its ass – it did not put up much of a fight – it tried to get a picture but it flopped out my hands as I got the camera ready- I really should come up with a better system, somehow I seem to do it the same way every time – although when you are hold your rod, a wiggling fish and a camera something has got to give and the fish is the only thing you would smile at seeing swim away.



I love surprises, I pass over this river on the way to a rehab centre – sometimes I have to go there for meetings when people are being discharged. Today I left my gear in the car so I could have a quick cast on my lunch break before the meeting. The water had a blue tinge to it, did not look healthy. I thought it was dead and then I saw a rise – a pod of rising trout with a few nice ones in their as well – fairly slurping at the surface – I got into position and cast – two trout must have been competing for flies as they both went for it – the trout was on and putting a fair old bend in my wee 4 weight Orvis – it was at this point me reel fell off.

I then spent the rest of the fight trying to manage with the line I had out – it turned out ok and then I secured the reel again.

Looking forward to my next meeting already.

Brown water…

Hit a Kelvin tributary after work – turned out I was way too early to be thinking about it. It was a nice height – possibly a few inches too high but a very muddy colour. A good temp with plenty of flies around – could not catch any to identify them – would be interesting to find out what they were.

I nymphed a few pools with no luck and then at a pool where I though I might get a trout on a dry caught a parr while the fly was being whisked underwater.

Maybe tomorrow, although the temps are set to dip.

Fly Tying When It Rains

Great – so we have all been wishing for some rain for the last couple of months and now it has arrived with a vengeance. I think it has been raining on and off for a good week now which has pretty much put a halt to any kind of fishing in the rivers – well, most of the rivers I fish are bank high and rushing towards the sea looking like a big brown muddy mess. However, I am not despondent (and neither should you be) as when it stops the rivers will have had a good clear out washing all the weed and excess silt that has built up away and the fishing will be mighty fine. The Kelvin is tricky as it can go from bank high and brown to very low pretty quickly. I never really understand why sometimes it can maintain a good height and still be clear sometimes and at others act a totally different way to rain. The saying that if a cow pisses in a field upstream causes a spate in the Kelvin can be pretty true. However no mater what happened the fishing will be good all over. If it lasts much long though I will be hitting some of the tributaries for some action – they generally start off high and dirty and with prolonged rain settle down to just high and clear and the fishing can be pretty good if you love catching small trout on the dry (with a possibility of some nice ones thrown in).

I just know all the Salmon fishers are sitting with a big smile on their faces at the prospect of more salmon being in the river.

 Gallows Tool

Still, I have not been bored as at the weekend I bought myself a gallows tool and have been tying up some alternative flies. A gallows tool is handy for klinks although you don’t really need one (I don’t anyway) however it is invaluable if you are going to tie up some paraloops. It acts like a third hand holding up the wing post for klinks and the post for paraloops – very handy!

I spent some time tying up a half a dozen olive paraloops which are kind of similar to my “no fail messy olive”. It uses fewer materials and looks just as messy – I will post a picture to show them both when I have a chance.

I then decided on tying up a paraloop using a klink hook making a rather nice looking emerger – I tied up two kinds – one with thread as the body and one with a stripped peacock herl body.

I am undecided whether the body will sink under the surface however I am pretty sure the paraloop will have enough body to float the fly – considering I used flaotant as a dubbing wax I am more than confident actually. I would be interested in knowing if other people tie paraloops or fish them?

Wader Repair Time Again….

I have a hole in my waders – not just one in fact but a few. The three main ones that are causing my gip are – both feet and a rather nasty one at my groin. The last one makes me look as if I have wet myself when I take them off – it doesn’t half chaff as well when walking any distances. And don’t even talk about when I was fishing in the salt the other day – Yowzers – my inner thighs were bright red when I got home!

I think I have located the leaks – I did not need to do anything fancy with alcohol or lights as I could pretty quickly see what the problem was – at the crotch (sorry to those not interested in my crotch) there appeared to be some thinning of the lining – possibly due to rubbing.

rubbing waders

If you look carefully you can see light bits – that is where it looks as if the inner lining has came away from the outer – when I put my hand inside and blow I can feel the air – there is breathable and then permeable – you decide!

Now this might be enough to send a lesser mortal away to the fishing shop with a bundle of grubby tenners in their hands but not this stingy frugal fish fighting machine. After last years disastrous contact with a barbed wire fence I had went around various friends for solutions – most of whom shook there heads relegating them to the bin – however with a tube of extremely sticky stuff and some patches there were good as new in no time at all – sure they looked like they had been in the wars but there is nothing finer in life than a patch you have applied yourself and it makes the damn thing work again – or in this case hopefully to stop leaking like I have peed myself.

So, another tube of sticky stuff later…

……and voila!

I do one patch at a time so concentrated on the groin area – if that works then I will move on to the legs and feet !

What a Weekend – Sunday Sleep Debt

My head was pounding as I had only around a few hours sleep and was threatening to turn into a migraine – that happens when I go into sleep debt. However if I wanted the car I had to drop the wife off at her work. I wore my nightwear in the car for that extra 10mins zzzz


Sunday was an altogether different kettle of fish. I decided on the trout again and mid morning drove to a spot on the Clyde. This was going to be a lazt sloooooow day.

Walking down the river to where I was going to start there is some deep slow water – this water hardly has a current and is very difficult to wade as you send ripples coursing across the whole area which spooks all the fish. You know there are fish there as you can see them – enormous ones. They have got that big from being spooky and being careful about what comes near them. So I stood watching them rise for a while and tried to work out the best way to tackle them – it was then that I noticed the otter playing around in the water. It was totally oblivious of me – or if it did see me was still quite safe enough to know that this big lumbering brute was in no way going to catch it – I watched it for several minutes heading and tailing and generally eating all my fish before it decided to disappear.

I walked further downstream. I started at a long slow run with several trout rising – again these fish are spooky. I think it may be a combination of the slow water with depth – this gives the trout plenty of time to inspect your fly – obviously mine was not up to the job. I noticed this fly on my rod…

Unknown Fly

I am not 100% sure what it is – you cannot really tell from my photo but it was very red in colour – maybe one of you guys will shed some light on it…

Later I came to the spot where I caught one of my big trout yesterday – it was at a crease at the top of the pool where the water runs in from the next pool up. Just to the right there is a little slack water where that trout sat yesterday – I decided to put on a dry and dropper again and had a few casts. Pretty quickly I was into a good trout – leaping and cart wheeling around the pool – although something was strange. The trout looked as if it had been foul hooked. I netted the trout and inspected it – the trout had taken my nymph as it was firmly in the scissors however the mono for the nymph had snapped – somehow the dry fly had stuck in the side of the fish -I think it was because the trout was doing so much rolling. I took a photo of the trout and measured it as I was pretty certain this was the same trout as yesterday – just a smidgen under 15inches. Later when I compared photos it is definitely the same trout – it has unusual markings towards the back of its body.

Have a look at the photo above and compare it to the one on Saturday….you can tell by the markings near the rear of the trout…

I cast again and once more I was into another good trout – I was enjoying this – I quickly netted this one without mishap…..slightly smaller than the first…

I fished up the river without getting another take or offer. My head was fairly pounding by this point so I reckoned a walk up to the slow water was on the cards. When I got there the trout were still rising and some were quite close in. I got through the bushes to find he water was not as deep as I had first thought. I got in the water; I could not see what the trout were taking although there were some olives generally flittering around. I decided (unwisely) on some shock tactics and floated a comparadun over them – total failure. I then decided on a tiny cdc – this time I had a refusal. At the end of a drift I was retrieving my line slowly under the surface to recast when I felt a tug…..and then another – yep, the trout had taken the fly – a brief tussle ensued and the trout was in my hands – it looked very silvery. No picture as I was waist deep in water. Decided after that it was time to head home as the whole pool was not pretty much spooked. Still I was pretty chuffed with myself – there is not much better in life than a flukey trout!

All in all a fine days fishing.

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