Saturday Fun – on a tributary of a tributaries tributary

For those of you that do not know the rivers that I fish let me explain something to you – The Kelvin has three tributaries that make it the river it is – the Luggie, the Glazart and the Allander. The Kelvin itself is merely a tributary of the mighty River Clyde although where it enters the main river you would not catch any brown trout – it is trully massive! It must be said the Kelvin tributaries also have there own little tributaries, countless unnamed burns that make up the main river.

Just in the same way that the Kelvin is a tributary there are several other rivers that are tributaries of the Clyde – these tributaries also have tributaries, often these tributaries have tributaries – which like the Kelvin have many unamed burns –  I hope that makes sense. I like to think of it like a tree – with all the tiny twigs growing together to make branches and then them coming together to make the trunk.

So today Alberto (Casting Maestro Extraordinaire) took me to one of the other tributaries tributary (actually it was another tributary off it) however as it has been raining hard for a day we settled for very far upstream on the tributary. If this was a tree we would be off a branch, followed a  split and finally up to a twig.

We were trying to get far away from the water that was busy running down all the twigs and  branches too dump itself in the main trunk – when you are trying to get this far away, the river gets smaller – and so do the trout…a nice trout is maybe 8 inches – a monster is 10 inches.

The day was warm; there was fly life however nothing definite hatching on the water. The river to begin with was peaty however this did not put the trout off, instead it made them a whole lot bolder when it came to rising to dry flies.

If you think my pictures have been bad in the past check this out..

Alberto caught this monster…..for this size of water it is a mighty fish.. Just look at those huge spots..

Here he is playing another…

All in all, maybe a dozen trout caught and as many missed. For flies I used Comparaduns, CDC & Elk and a Baloon Caddis.

Tummel – Bank Holiday Monday

A couple of weeks ago I hit the River Tummel. It was a hot bright day which was good for the in laws as they dropped me off at the river however not so good for my arms which got burnt. An interesting day as I caught a few trout and a couple of grayling – no camera unfortunately as my wife took it to take family pictures – kindly she took this one.

Grumpy at the tummel
Grumpy at the tummel

Something I love about the Tummel is that when a trout takes your fly it is very visual – you watch your fly and then from the depths you can see the trout or grayling pounce as it floats by.

Tonight I need to replenish my ranks of troops – I am down to no nymphs – i am intending an onslought at the weekend after trout.

A repost…

For some reason the last few posts have become mixed up – I will summarize the last one here and rewrite the giant hogweed post – all the comments have been lost unfortunately 🙁

Kelvin Wednesday

 Warm and muggy – I managed a few hours on the river. Driving there was hell, I seemed to get stuck at every set of lights –

traffic lights hell

traffic lights hell

 Still, I was soon in a little oasis of calm in the city…

A nice ripple

A nice ripple

 As soon as I arrived I picked up trout from a nice long ripple, they put a fair bend in my Orvis four weight and fought like little devils. I was fishing dry fly – a CDC and Elk. The main action lasted maybe around a half hour however after moving up to the next pool the takes were not so quick – on the way back my Polaroid’s steamed up and stayed that way – does that ever happen to you ?


small troot

small troot

 At dusk I moved back to the first glide and only managed to winkle out another trout. I then walked slowly down to the access point casting my fly to the side of me and walking downstream with it – this way I caught an additional few trout – nice big ones too. These trout are usually pretty spooky but in the gloaming they get that little bit braver at accepting flies attached to a leader.

Caught in Slow Water

Caught in Slow Water

 All in all around a half dozen (maybe more) trout caught.

Viewing in IE?

For some reason the blog is messed up in internet explorer – I have deleted the posts for just now and will try and work out what the problem is later.The problem is not present with people who use firefox.

In the meantime you could download firefox which is a far superior browser.

Fish Bum Mongolia DVD winner

Ok OK – I promise this was not a fix – the winner of the Fish Bum Mongolia DVD was in fact my long time fishing buddy (now moved away and riverless) Emanuele. Ironically he did not even send in the photo, his pal from the states took the time to send me these pics of the man in action – a nice touch – my wife was most impressed by the size of your fish although she assures me size is not everything.



Emanuele kids on he only likes catching trout to the dry fly however these pictures of him hauling in a Salmon prove otherwise.



Congratulations Emanuele, I will forget to post your DVD next week and you will eventually receive it in around a year.<–>

Small Stream Jim

Had an enjoyable few hours with Jim from palewatery on Sunday. I only managed to hit the small stream for a few hours and it just so happened that Jim and his pal decided to smack the same one – here is a short video of the man in action.

As you can see the, the stream we were fishing was a peaty color, the other chap we were with caught a fair few trout but Jim and I basically chatted our way up the stream as you do when you meet and fish with someone you kinda know over the net. We started with the dry fly and then moved to a dry and dropper.

Most enjoyable….

Jim took a picture of me catching a troot as well which was nice!

Catching a troot on a small stream!

Catching a troot on a small stream!

I will announce the winner of the competition in a couple of days so you all still have a chance to send in a photo of yourself and a fish 🙂

Kelvin Calling

After work I needed to fish – Initially decided the Clyde however at the point in the road where I had to make the final decision I made a sharp left turn and headed to the Kelvin. Mostly because it would mean I would get more time to fish but also because I have been neglecting it of late. The good thing about having a home river is that you can hit it when you think conditions are right.

Kelvin calling

The water was a little dirty but at a good height.

I used a dry and dropper as I did not see a trout rise pretty much the whole time I was there. I worked up the river slowly covering as much water as I could. I immediately lost a couple of trout – well when I say lost I mean they just shook their heads and were off. I was glad I used my five weight – it was blowing a gale, and I mean that literally. I think it is the first time I have used it on the Kelvin all year.

 Small Trout From the River kelvin

I did not catch any trout in the usual spots, I managed to hook some in odd wee pockets. After a couple of trout my pheasant tail nymph was looking pretty mangled. I wondered if Frank Sawyer had this problem with his nymphs. The traditional tying does not use any thread just copper wire and pheasant tail and this is what I use – the whole lot seems to have moved down the hook.

 Pheasant Tail Nymph

I could have fished on but it was now 7pm and the wind was getting strong – I was home by ten past.

Loop Evotec CLWC

My fishing buddy bought one of these reels a few weeks ago – needless to say he wishes he had not bothered. I love the tag on the Loop Page “Be tough on your Evotec CLWC. It will love it”

The Loop Composite flyreel CLW

Purchased one of these recently. I’ve had six sea trout with it, but no thanks to the reel. It literally fell to pieces each time. This would either happen as I’m getting the fish onto the reel, or as I’m reeling the fish in.

Initially I thought it was a one-off dud. The vendor replaced it straight away with no quibbles (GAC for anyone wondering – they’re not all bad!). Unfortunately the replacement has exactly the same problem.

It seems like the thread on the spool retention screw is too shallow. Being plastic , it’s more malleable which I think would cause the thread to become damaged over time. Each time the reel failed, the screw would fall out, causing the boss and spool to also fall into the water. Just as well the bits float eh!

Just my opinion, but these reels are utter mince.

To the point methinks!

Loop Tackle

EDIT: To their credit Loop replied to my pal and the issue has now been resolved(see comments) – are loop taking a leaf out of Orvis customer service?

Tackle Tart – Macro Mode


Some people say I am a tackle tart as I like sexy reels – macro mode shows them off best – what do you think?

Hey You Guys…

Greetings readers, I have decided you all know me too well. Someone actually recognised me in Ikea last night. I have decided that it would be nice if I knew what you all look like. Consequently, I want you all to look out a photo of yourselves (preferably with a fish or fishing) and send me it.

Go on……send em’ to:

EDIT: This is great fun – I have had three sent to me so far – get sending over the next week – the one my wife likes most gets a copy of the recent Mongolia Fish Bum DVD

Tell you what – I will give you guys a couple of weeks – say this weekend and next to take a photo of your face and a fish before my wife chooses the winner.

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