Stream Thought

I was  flicking through “Stream Thought” after the writer/photographer posted a comment here and noticed he had posted a a gem of a find !

It is a quote from a book on Sea Trout fishing:

“Brown trout give themselves up to those with skill and salmon to those with money but the sea trout is a very different fish. To catch sea trout you need soul”.

You know – I might just buy that book!

The dusk that never was…

I am all  Topsy Turvy here – by this point I am usually fishing most evenings and have really got into the swing of things – instead I am having to pick and choose my fishing opportunities based on experience and knowledge – unfortunately the trout (and pike – see last post) have decided to mix things up a bit.

You cannot get away from the traffic cones...

You cannot get away from the traffic cones...

The other night I decided to hit the Clyde and then at the last minute changed venue to the Kelvin for a dusk session – I have usually found dusk to be a great time on the Kelvin when usually spooky trout will take your fly fairly readily when just an hour ago they were spooky as the Ghostbusters – especially in this heatwave we are experiencing right now.

Turned out that was a load of baloney – when we got to the river at 8pm it was roasting hot with bright sunshine as well as trout rising all the way up the stretch of river – there was some lovely trout rising in amongst them so we dived through the bushes to attack full force – I reckon we spooked every one of those trout – if not with crazy wading then with one to many poor drifts…..

Not one trout landed - all of them spooked here...

Not one trout landed - all of them spooked here...

I mean sure we hooked trout in the flats where they were rising however none of them stayed on – it was only when we walked up the river to some riffles did we finally managed to fool some trout – I even had to put on  a Jardines Ducks Dun to fool the blighters as my Deer Hair Emerger was just not working.

A stunning bit of finger reflexes there of the take...

A stunning bit of finger reflexes there of the take...

The trout were never big – I mean we know there are bigger trout mixed up with the smaller ones they just did not let us get anywhere near to them..

A bandie..

A bandie..

Campbell caught a fair few as well…note size of net compared to trout – ever hopeful..

Campbell bring a troot to hand..

Campbell bring a troot to hand..

We had not brought bottles of water so made do with what nature gave us:

Not worth three days of sickness and vomiting!

Not worth three days of sickness and vomiting!

Still – we knew that we were playing around until dusk – then the trout would really come out and play – sadly, it just did not happen – the rising trout slowly disappeared one by one until finally no trout were showing – or at least as sporadically as they do at any other time.

It was actually darker than this - I made the picture lighter so you could see me!

It was actually darker than this - I made the picture lighter so you could see me!

Still – plenty of action and great chat – casting to rising trout is great after the long sabbatical (mind I went crazy for Pike at the end of last years trout season) and am now storing up a wad of brownie points for the next few weekends.

Now – where are my microscopic hooks!

The dawn that never was..

Up at 0300 on Saturday morning for a dawn raid on a Pike venue – dawn was scheduled for 0430 however when the guys came to pick me up just before 0400 (by jings early as well) the dawn was already in the sky – by the time we got to the venue it was proper light – it was also clear skies with a light wind – a perfect morning.  Turned out we were correct – it was a perfect morning – for staying in bed… still Alan managed to wangle his usual couple of fish when no-one else is catching – at least he had a witness this time – “Got one” he shouted..

Bad news - that is no Pike

Bad news - that is no Pike

Turned out it was a cheeky wee Perch – in all the time I have fished this venue I have never had a Perch…

Good on a BBQ

Good on a BBQ

We fished on – I spotted a few Pike which gave a little hope however they were just not for chasing or taking any flies – obviously a combination of the pressure change and bright sunlight was making them particularly belligerent on this fine morning – we fished on….Bang – Alan landed another Perch…

The Perch Meister - must be pheremones or something!

The Perch Meister - must be pheremones or something!

Alex disappeared from view…


He was fishing here a moment ago

Turns out that when you get up ridiculously early and the fish are not biting you can get some kip just about anywhere – including the middle of a loch..


Better than a float tube!

One of the main advantages of sleeping in the middle of a loch is that you are not affected by the evil blood sucking Culicoides Impunctatus – the dreaded Scots midge. Yes my friends – those evil little bastards are out – I apologise for the use of language however if you have fallen victim to the insatiable  appetite then you will be giving a wry smile – if not then imagine a tickle, which turns into an itch which then stings a bit – now multiply that by a thousand all over every exposed part of your body combined with a funny high pitched zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ noise.

I am itching just thinking about them – many a strong man has fled his partner due to their evil bite, many a camper had abandoned their tent and driven 90mph along dirt tracks to get to the nearest Bed n’ Breakfast – I myself have beaten a hasty retreat when out for a country stroll – nothing stops them apart from a womens face cream which just makes them stick to you – they laugh at 100% deet!

Phew – I got off on a bit of a tangent their – bottom line – we caught nowt and I am now in need of deep sleep.

Kelvinator Forum Meet and Greet (and fish obviously)

OK – I think it would be pretty neat if some of us could meet up for a wee evening session – we have got to come up with a place – this will obviously be based around numbers, for example if a few folk fancy it then we can meet up in the West End or if several folk fancy it we can head a little bit further out the city – maybe above the vet school where there is lots of untapped water (apart from a couple of guys).

At the moment I am planning a trout evening session however if all goes well a Salmon one will be planned when the big runs start – I will be relying on some of the salmon gurus on the forum to organise that one – well I can organise it however for any advice and tactics you will need to ask them.

If you guys are up for it in the fall we can organise a Pike meet up on the canal where we can all freeze our rocks off.

So – I need a rough idea of numbers – I think we need to know this quite early on so that we can come up with a venue – so if three guys say yes and we choose the west end and 10 turn up we will have little room to fish.

If you have been lurking on the forum as a guest this might be a good idea to sign up or log in and put your name forward.

You see this is why I like people using real names in the Kelvin Forum – it means when you guys meet there will be no “Oh, I am Big Boaby Big Baws fae the forum”

Saying that I may have shot myself in the foot there – could be potential for some comedy meetings.

Community Wall

Community Wall

At the moment I am thinking sometime in June – maybe towards the end – depends on the weather really.

Who is up for it?

WTF – the skunk cabbage came back!

So I was planning on hitting the Clyde today however as my car had to return to the garage because of a bizarre squeaking sound (any of my readers mechanics?) I took my beloved wife’s motor and hit the Kelvin.

Things went from bad to worse – the temp seemed to plummet and the wind got up – plenty of fly life around – lots of Yellow Mays and other small olives (forgot the test tubes again) however the change in air pressure seemed to turn the trout off – there could of course be another phenomenon at work here and I will tell you about that later.

I wandered down to a nice pool, shaded by trees in the Kelvin valley to get out the wind and came across the seen of my (supposed) skunk cabbage massacre – WTF !!!

Skunk Cabbage - This is now like something out of a horror film!

Skunk Cabbage - This is now like something out of a horror film!

…that’s right – the beast is growing back – Willie Yeomans is not going to be happy at this I muttered as I pulled out the stems and dug down to the roots – I suspect I left some of the roots behind meaning the creature will take hold again – next time I go down that way I am going to take a bottle full of weed killer and pour it straight onto the beasts tendrils!

Anyway, I was going to tell you about the other phenomenan – basically one stretch of river one season can fish very well – you know where all the fish are and it can be pretty predictable – the next season the place seems devoid of trout – this can happen with individual pools as well. Anyone got a good reason for this? – is it spates that move around the insect population, sewage that kills off pools? Any ideas?

River movements?

River movements?

I fished on for a few hours casting at sporadic rising trout – I was using my orvis superfine 4 weight and initially a deer hair emerger and then swapped over to a comparadun due to the number of Yellow May’s I watched sailing past – usually the trout love em’ – today only crazy trout wanted them..

Messy Comparadun

Messy Comparadun

So – a mixture of cold wind, change in air pressure and possibly even a bizarre phenomenon caused me to have what I can only describe as a great days fishing   – I would rather be fishing than be at work, or decorating or ironing or…

Crazy Trout - one of only a few

Crazy Trout - one of only a few

…well pretty much any task that involves drudgery and forced labour!

Work has started on Stewart Memorial Fountain

Work is now progressing on the Stewart Memorial Fountain in Kelvingrove park – rather than regurgitate what the Evening Times is saying I might as well point you towards the article.

Evening Times Article

People not from Gasgow might enjoy reading the comments to gain a great understanding of Glasgow humour!

Posted by: openmind –  But will they make it immune from someone emptying a bottle of Fairy into it?

Posted by: jim – Rename it The fairy fountain.

Posted by: Willieboy – Jim I agree because apart from washing up liquid there are alot of fairies who frequent that park

Posted by: The X Factor – judging by your name I suppose you would be the one to know

Posted by: wild wadi – It should attract a lot of weegies who’ll be curious to see what soap and water look like


Grannom in the Kelvin?

I wish I had my wee sample bottle today – I am pretty sure I witnessed a hatch of Grannom in the Kelvin  – I kid ye not!

In spring, the first sedge fly of real importance to river fishers is the grannom, and it causes great excitement both on chalk streams and on rain-fed rivers. The grannom appears in April and the main hatch usually lasts for ten days or so, with flies coming off the water from mid morning until late afternoon.

Trout tend to ignore small upwinged flies when the grannom is on the water, but as other sedges are rare at that time a close imitation is probably unnecessary: any small sedge will do.

First Nature

I have never been lucky enough to witness a hatch of Grannom on the Clyde so when I seen little black sedgy type things fluttering around I was a bit unsure as to what they were – I suppose even if I did actually have my sample bottle there would have been a problem as I could not catch one to take a photo of.

I think this is why getting the hatch chart off the ground is so important – I know it will take a fair old amount of time until we actually have something resembling a month by month chart however it is going to be fun and informative while we do it.

If you have not already done so check out the Kelvin Hatch Chart thread for progress so far.

The Fishing

Even if it was Grannom the trout did not seem particularly interested – I caught a couple of trout on an enormous deer hair emerger (it was my indicator) and lost a couple.

On orders from Willie Yeomans I went back hunting the Skunk Cabbage from a few weeks ago…

Skunk Cabbage

Skunk Cabbage

It was a lot bigger – its yellow funnel was gone – I think maybe it was past the point of releasing its seeds – whatever – I stomped it into oblivion – and then pulled its roots out for good measure!

Weird plants – do not mess with me!

The Kelvin has been stocked

The Kelvin was stocked the other night – check it out


So my 2 minute post (that is how long it too me to write it) about the recent closing of the Robbie Red Ball site caused a bit of a stir among the Internet forums, members and non members of the Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association as well as other blogs (more on that in a minute)

Yea, sure – I admit I do not know the whole story – and yes, I have probably got to concede that things got so out of hand that maybe the long arm of expensive lawyers had to step in and close it down – but a few days before the EGM?

Anyway, it should all be sorted tomorrow night so I guess you guys will let me know.

Meanwhile, new kid on the block Gordon Mack of Between the Lines points out the possibility that running a blog that “trades on fearless and irreverent comment on the world of angling near and far” and juggling official duties as a Kelvin committee member may be a bit like spate wading for

He hit the nail on the head – yes – it will be difficult however at the moment the association is heading in a direction that I quite like – one that…..well, does “stuff”

Let’s call it a truce shall we.

Back to the topic of the LLAIA quickly – anyone got a number for their lawyers…


The irony is that the people who defaced it actually paid for it!

Someone is libelling us!

Shit Pipe River..

Sunday – it had been raining for three days so pretty much knew the Kelvin would be out of action. I considered a few other possibilities and decided the “river of pipes” was a possibility, I called it that as it has an extraordinary number of pipes over it – most if em’ shite pipes as it happens.

A shite pipe spewing fandango pads!

A shite pipe spewing fandango pads!

Turned out that even this river was still in spate – still a nice walk in the sun (the pressure was rising) with a bit of river reconnaissance is good for your mind body and soul. We mostly used the duo (a nymph under and indicator) and pretty much only stopped walking at sweet spots which just looked fishy..

Upstream Duo - before we started with wooly buggers

Upstream Duo - before we started with wooly buggers

As usual, we came across the obligatory burnt out car. The amount of fly tipping in this river is disgusting – totally unloved – makes the Kelvin feel positively clean.

2nd Burnt out car

2nd Burnt out car

We were starting to get just a little despondent at the lack of fish – I mean it was in spate right- however we should have been getting more takes on the nymph – I think I may contact both SEPA and Willie Yeomans about this river.

At last however I caught the one trout of the day – totally out of the blue, my super bushy dry slipped under and a trout went bananas..

I sit down to catch em’ now..

I sit down to catch em’ now..

After a battle of man versus nature the beast was netted…


A lot smaller than I thought!

Obviously the extra oxygen in the water (or quite possibly stimulants through the sewage system) had given the trout extra turbo power  as it was a lot smaller than I thought – it fought well above its weight – it was also silvery which means a food source rich in fats – probably McDonalds happy meals and beer by the looks of the local litter.

The Kelvin is still out of action – my sources tell me the trout season has been very slow to start on all rivers in the central belt this year – good trout anglers on the Kelvin are struggling to catch anything decent – possibly now May is with us it is all about to change.

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