Tenuous Fishing Photos 3/52

I have absolutely no idea where this photo was taken:

No Idea

I mean – I am sure that there is water near where I took this photo – I think I might have been taking photos of pipes coming out that wall however for the life of me I cannot remember.

You can see how much litter and rubbish that has accumulated over the years – I think this photo was taken early season – probably around April by the looks of the foliage.

You can see more tenuous fishing photos here

Kelvinography on the Moon

[singlepic id=91 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Kelvin is the island in the upper left. Rupes Kelvin is the diagonal scarp below it, and (parallel to that) the rille in the lower right is part of Rimae Hippalus.


This post is part of a series about “things” that are named after the Kelvin

Check out the Kelvinography Page

A blog without links…

Every now and again I come across a really good fly fishing blog – great content, good photos  and started fairly recently. By recently I mean maybe in the last 6 months – usually the blog is on blogger as that is where most people start out before moving on to a platform that you can have a bit more control over like wordpress.

Obviously they know what a blog is and what they want to get out of it however there is often a fundamental flaw in their whole strategy – they have absolutely no links to any other blog – or if they do have links it is to blogs or sites that also have limited links. Sure – some sites and blogs can get away with that as they are just so awesome however the chances of a new blog pulling in punters without any links are pretty slim.

You see links on blogs are like veins that bring you readers – just like blog comments – if you leave a good comment on someone else’s blog they are bound to come back and read yours and then link to it – it is a courtesy thing.

If noone is linking to you then it also makes it difficult for google to find you!

Anyone know any good fishing blogs with no links?

Kelvinography Island

Paul Young has once again been in touch with yet another example of Kelvinography.

[singlepic id=92 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Kelvin Island is in Lake Nipigon…(bidie-in now bidie-out?!!) in Ontario in Canada.

49’54 north and 88’38 west.

And also another which I cannot find a picture of:

Kelvin Arizona is 30’07 north and 110.59 west…about 70 miles east south east of Phoenix on the Gila River after it flows out of the Coolidge Dam.

Oh what the heck – here is a picture of the map – it is just next to Tam o Shanter Peak –  !

[singlepic id=93 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Cheers Paul – now get me a picture of a pub in Glasgow named after the Kelvin – extra points if you are in it 🙂

Kelvinography – Fishing Boat Engines

[singlepic id=90 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Motor powered fishing boats appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. The first Scottish motor powered fishing boat was ‘Crystal River’ of Wick, with Eyemouth’s ‘Maggie Jane’s’ the second. Early fishing boat engines cost from £70 to £100. By 1919, 23% of the Scottish fishing fleet was motor powered.

This advertisement within the ‘Fish Trades Gazette’ shows a Kelvin engine. It said that 470 British fishing boats were powered by Kelvin engines, and that they were powered from 6 to 60 horse power. These engines could be fuelled by either petrol or paraffin.

In 1914, 60 horse power was quite a powerful engine. Kelvin engines were one of the most successful fishing boat engines of the early 20C. Kelvin engines were made by the Bergius Launch & Engine Company in Glasgow. Walter Bergius started the company in 1906 after installing a motor car engine into a rowing boat.

River Kelvin Angling Association AGM 2010

It is that time of year again – it is like a scene from Mad Max with people checking in their weapons before entering the Thunderdome – That’s right it is the River Kelvin Angling Association AGM 2010.

It will be held on the 11th February at 7pm at Kessington Hall, 58 Milngavie Road Bearsden. Post Code, G61 2DP.

Kessington Hall is the large red sandstone building located on the right hand side of Milngavie Road (A81) about 300 metres to the North of Canniesburn toll when driving towards Milngavie. At the first set of traffic lights (opposite the petrol station) turn right into Kessington Road where there is parking. Bus services stop at Kessington Road next the Hall. Hillfoot Train Station is about 300 metres North of the Hall on Milngavie Road.

Tenuous Fishing Photos 2/52

Its a van siting at traffic lights:


Driving home from work a van was right up my ass – obviously in a hurry with places to go – I moved out of the way and it zoomed past me – it was the Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association bailiff van – even though they zoomed past they still had to wait at the lights  meaning I could take a quick picture with my camera phone earning them the honour of being the 2nd  in my weekly tenuous fishing photo project .

(If Mr.Brady is reading this how about a free permit for 2010 for almost running me off the road)

Two Photos and a Website – Kelvinography

I will be blunt – when I started this project I was thinking more about pictures of pubs with the name Kelvin in them however you guys have surpassed yourselves.

I threw you a bone with Star Trek when I posted about this the other day however Jim took it a step further and actually got me the photo of the Starship Kelvin.

[singlepic id=89 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Meanwhile Stephen posted a rather nice picture of himself sitting outside his halls of residence approx 20 years ago .

[singlepic id=88 w=320 h=240 float=center]

A fascinating fact was submitted by none other than local legend Paul Young (the actor who fishes not the singer) who states :

The cricket Test Match that is being played between England and South Africa in Cape Town is being played at Newlands Cricket Ground, the two ends of the ground being  the Wynberg End and the Kelvin Grove End.

I even found the website which shows off their strong links with the Kelvin. The Kelvin (for those who live abroad) runs through Kelvingrove Park and is an legendary area for bizarre people to hang around bushes area of splendour.

Thanks for the input guys – I am looking forward to collecting more examples of Kelvinography.

Tenuous Fishing Photos 1/52

It’s an envelope *…

A Mystery Envelope?

This was a Christmas present from my Sister n’ Law – as you can see she put a lot of effort into wrapping the contents – to be honest I am glad – I would rather someone spent the extra couple of pounds on themselves rather than wrapping paper – in this case they spent the extra couple of pounds on the contents of the envelope – a selection of mighty fine deer hair from none other than Steve Cooper – It was probably the only fishy present I received from a relative and it is definitely the best one.

*with this kind of content the visitors will be flooding in.

Two Urban Photo Projects – that’s right two!

So I have two projects for 2010 – it is a new decade after all.

The first project is a lone gunman affair however the second one will require your help.

Project One – 52 Tenuous Fishing Photos

I am going to produce a set of photos which remind me of fishing but which only have a tenuous link to the finer art. You see, the thing is, I often daydream meditate about fishing when doing something totally unrelated – for example being in a car wash might makes me think of a roaring river –you get the general idea. Why 52? Because there are 52 weeks in the year and  one tenuous photo per week with a short explanation should be enough or anyone. To be fair – a walk in the park where I may see a glimpse of the river may qualify.

Project Two –  Kelvinography

I want to compile a database come photo gallery of things that are named after The River Kelvin – Kelvinography if you will (many thanks to the person who came up with that wee gem).

Kelvinography - Even the Baron likes it!

There are quite literally hundreds (more probably dozens) of shops and services out there that have Kelvin in their name. Lord Kelvin was named after the river and he named his famous temperature scale after the river – I was watching the new Star Trek film the other day and what was the name of the first space ship? – that’s right “The Kelvin” – it just goes to show you just how widely travelled our wee urban river is – I bet a lot of people do not realise just how the name “Kelvin” came about – I mean in the USA when they are teaching about the Kelvin temperature scale in school do they say its named after a funky wee trout stream – I betcha they don’t!

I am going to create a special place for the gallery (probably a page on here somewhere) and I need your help – hey you guys in the places other than Glasgow don’t you be running away as I want you to be part of this as well.

Pretty much everyone carries a camera phone around with them these days so this should be pretty easy – if you see something with the name Kelvin take a picture of it and send me it. I don’t need the photo to be absolutely great quality – just make sure it is not blurry and maybe not too squint – if you cannot get the photo off your camera and you are willing to text me it contact me and I will give you my number.

Comedy pose and fishing gear is not obligatory.

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