Tenuous Fishing Photos 24/52

Back from my camping trip – very little fishing actually done however it was great being away and discovering new ways of enjoying water – who would have thought making stones go sploosh would have been so much fun.


Speaking of father/son bonding sessions I see that today is in fact Fathers Day – usually I loathe all holidays that encourage the buying of mass produced cards without any thought behind them however I cannot help be moved a bit by the significance of actually being a Dad.

You can see more tenuous fishing photos here

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

  • Getting ready for a camping trip – cunningly chose a site near water! #
  • Loving camping in the lake district! Home tomorrow! Booo! #
  • It is still roasting hot – what is this, some kind of summer ? #

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Dusk – flat calm!

What is it they say – the biggerthere the wave the bigger the fly – well there is no wave and my flies are tiny.
I am sitting here beside this lovely wee lake typing this – I will post it when I get some kind of reception on my phone.
It has been boiling all day and now it is cool and calm – oh help ma boab – I just felt a midge….eak!
I can see nice trout rising in the middle of the lake and the ones I have seen close in have been just out of range – they always are – grin !
I am going to stay another half hour or so and if nothing happens head back to the tent for a glass of the red stuff !

Aye aye – there are some big splashes out there – wish I had a tube now as this place would be perfect !

Right – seen a fish so away I go!

Update: caught nowt and forgot my torch so had to stumble along a rocky path in the dark – the campsite we are staying at has badgers however I have not seen any yet – was hoping to see one when I got back however all I got was torch in the face – also a bird managed to get in the tent so I had to get it out – could have been worse ….. could have been a sheep!


Lake district fishing!

Had a few casts in the blazing sunshine – needless to say I caught bugger all however that was not really the point.
Fin enjoyed swinging around the rod as well ….
Tonight is for a bbq and then an hour on a local tiny lake!

Tenuous Fishing Photos 22 & 23/52

Yes -they are bloody missing – people can stop emailing me about it. For those not in the know my tenuous fishing photo project was a picture a week of something vaguely to do with my fishing – more often than not it was something that stopped me from going fishing – seeing as how I have actually been fishing over the last few weeks I have managed to…..um…forget to post them.

So here is two in one post and I will post this weeks later on this week.

Anyhoo – the first is from a trip to Loch  Lomond Shores and its scandalously priced Aquarium SEA LIFE Centre where they state such things as “Fisherman kill otters for their coats” – personally I do not know any “fisherman” that kill otters for their coats – their hats maybe, but never their coats – I wanted to point out the inaccuracy of the statement however warning looks from dearly beloved told me I had better shut up.

Anyway – they keep lots of fish in tiny wee tanks – like these Pike which kept on looking longingly at all the other tanks with fish in them..

"Now look carefully boy - you want one that can eat this one!"

The 2nd picture is from the Kelvin – I was down with Atkins the other night and came across this inflatable raft – sometimes those jolly fun and right on students have some jolly japes in the river with a boat – they do not bother to take it home with them – they would rather leave it for some kid or drunk to drown in.

Stabbing it with a knife was almost too good for it

Right – aside from this weeks I am now up to date with the tenuous fishing photos – you can see more tenuous fishing photos here

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-13

  • Pouring rain can only mean one thing – sea beasts in the salt! Eta 8pm #
  • Heading home from the salt … lost a sea trout! #
  • Planninp on hitting the kelvin this evening – anyone want to join me? #
  • Cold east wind …overcast though…what you think? #
  • RT @kelvinmeadow URGENT! Objections to the death of Otago Lane must be with the council by 16th June: http://is.gd/cMsGu #
  • Heading to the friends of the river kelvin gala day ! Free music and fun! #
  • Even the police bought raffle tickets from the club! http://twitgoo.com/zmnaq #
  • It is going to go to penalties! #

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Friends of the River Kelvin gala day + misc report!

Ok- so I have missed out a few sessions on the kelvin however you have really not missed much.
On my last post I was sitting by the river waiting for dusk and monster trout to rise – it did not happen – to add insult to injury I left a lovely box of newly tied flies sitting on my kitchen table…

A cold weather system has moved in with the wind coming from the east which is notorious for killing the action stone cold dead. Last night I was down in the park with Atkins..we met Paul – new club secretary- and Dougie- old club secretary.
Paul was made of more manly stuff than us as he actually stayed until dark….we shot off early.
It should have been the other way about as Paul was manning the association stall at the annual friends of the river kelvin gala day – Atkins and I turned up in the afternoon with the kids!
What can be better- live music,good fishing chat,a responsible beer in the fresh air and the police don’t seen to mind – they even bought a raffle ticket !
Atkins even put aside his hatred of people in canoes..however was then raging again as they were charging four quid a ride in a river that he actually pays money to use – classic!


It was also a bit of a kelvin forum meet up – I met a fair few guys including the legendary Andy and Davie C – two guys that get to fish far too often as far as I am concerned !


Anyway- possibly raining all day tomorrow however the weather guys never seem to get it right just now so who knows – I might be catching fish – or tying up flies – got to admit it is probably more productive to tie flies than flog the water to death !


The barometer has not been steady it has been up and down like a yo yo all day – still it did not seem to bother the guy wet wading having a cast right next to the gala day canoe trips!

There was a half dozen bailiffs and a few office bearers a few metres from him – nice one mate – you seen a nice pool and just went for it!


On the kelvin…

I am sitting by the river waiting for dusk.
There has been a lot of fly life but none of the big trout rising……..yet!


Attack of the Rottweilers

So I am just back from the Kelvin – before I tell you about the session I thought I would tell you my experiance with the dogs – I have the best scary dog story to beat anyone now – you see lots of guys down the Kelvin complain about the dogs and dog walker agencies that let the dogs run wild and generally mess up the fishing.

Never again will I complain!

Blissful Calmness

There I was calmly fishing away at a nice riffle, I had noticed some people in the bushes – drinking by the looks of things but I paid them no mind – suddenly I heard a commotion – out of the bushes came five huge Rottweilers running towards me – barking, growling and snarling.

I kid ye not – my life flashed in front of my eyes – this is it – I thought – I am about to be in the papers for all the wrong reasons – I am about to be eaten!

I have no idea what you are supposed to do when this happens – I guess getting down to their level and baring your teeth and growling back is not the thing to do – which is good as I raised my rod so that my fly did not catch one of the beasts and looked at the river with a faint smile on my lips – one of them had its face and jaws so far up my ass I thought it was going for my balls – my penis by this point had retracted into my body – and my heart was racing akin to a cannibals drums when a very fat man has entered the jungle.

Times by 5 - you get the idea!

Back Sabre” –  a chap was shouting.

Release, release Titan” – a women was shouting.

Here Polly” – someone else was calling.

I just stood there – amongst the growling barking pack of hounds that had come straight out of hell.

They were running back to their masters and then running at me again – circling around me – obviously looking for weak spots – If one had started to hump me – by heck I would have let it.

Eventually they were back with there owners – “any broonies mate?” – one called.

Around a dozen witty come backs sprang to mind not least of which was “only in my pants you bastard” however I shook my head and moved on.

Anyway, the fishing – I met one guy who had caught around 20 small trout in the runs I was just about to fish – which is why then I caught bugger all until I moved down the river to some fresh water. There was a tremendous amount of fly life on the water…

Good fly life!

However the trout did not start to respond until after a rather heavy burst of rain – I almost decided to head home however thought I should stick it out until dusk as the rain stopped.

You can see a chap fishing if you look close enough!

First few trout were small ones at only a few ounces – they were leader shy in the slow water and it took a while to get a proper drag free drift – eventually I had to use a very small cdc pattern.

A few ounces..

Still, they were a lot of fun – I found some slow moving deep water and some larger trout were slurping down a mixture of yellow mays and other olives – I did not see any Sedge on the water.

I finally caught a trout that gave a good account of itself – I had been targeting it for a good few minutes however in the failing light it was difficult to get a decent drift – I ended up using one of my standard (giant) comparaduns.

A nice wee Kelvin trout!

It must have been just shy of a quarter of a pound – possibly a smidgen under. As the hatch petered out I managed a few more smaller ones and then another slightly larger one.

Carbon Copy...

Again probably just shy of a quarter of a pound  – I forgot I had my tape measure in my pocket – I kinda wished I had measured them now.

As the light faded instead of the trout becoming more active the action died out – I did see one drunk guy staggering along the path though – I mean really staggering – totally blind drunk – he fell into some bushes and then wandered away – I decided if he was still around when I walked up I would check and make sure he was ok however he was gone.

All in all a lovely session – well, apart from having the shit scared out of me!

I suppose that it is all part of the joys of brownlining the Kelvin.

I think!

Pike Trip

This was as exciting as it got…