Dash to the river…

Ok – so Sunday I had a plan – the plan was to do some family stuff in the morning and then head down to the town stretch of the River Kelvin in the afternoon – the key of course was to sell this to my wife as some play time for her and the boy – she could then see me through the trees fishing – q=lots of waving at young son.

It got to 12…we still had not left….it got to 1pm…we still had not left…suddenly the fear took me – I could sense that the ingredients to a good session had all come together – unfortunately I was still in the house.

I rushed us out the house and into the car…

I was forgiven quickly...

Eventually I was fishing by around 2.30pm and instantly seen some rising trout – in total I caught two to the dry fly (I fluffed a few more risers) and then the river slowed down to a halt. I was far too late for the action..

Nice Riffle...

I met up with Paul Reid – he managed to tempt a nice wee trout to the dry in some fast water …

Oh bless - look at his wee thingy - looks even smaller in his giant hands!

…and he uses a Hardy as well!

It was a day for meeting people – we met the head bailiff and a pal out patrolling the river and also Stephen from the Kelvin forum out for a walk with his other half. We also seen Derek  Graham through the bushes however he did not seem to be in the mood to talk..

You can wave at me through the bushes...

All in all it was a pretty nice wee session however by around 4pm it was all over – the trout had all switched off for the evening.

Of course it has all changed now – the temp is high and we have a high pressure weather system sitting over us – today seemed ideal – good temp until the evening with some cloud cover – I heard that trout were rising like crazy last night at around dinner time – looking forward to hearing how you guys got on?

Tenuous Fishing Photos 19/52

Phew that was close –  I nearly missed out the 19th tenuous fishing photo – rather monkey like I am actually going to post somebody else’s photo – Gary Wingate sent me this picture of a spot of Pike rash!

No doubt earned after a tussle with a mighty beast!

You can see more tenuous fishing photos here

The Kelvin – new seating area for anglers?

Regarding the new fly only rule on a Sunday – today was bliss – sure at the stretch we were fishing you do not usually meet anyone anyway – however once the Salmon start coming into the river I think the  rule will start coming into its own – once more guys start fishing for Salmon we trout anglers need a bit of respite and peace for the gentler side of the sport.


Anyway – at last the Kelvin has started fishing properly – there were flies on the water and more importantly rising trout – not just in the slow stretches but in the riffles as well.

Slow pool - splashy rises

I caught my first trout in the above pool – it is long and slow with spooky trout – my fishing buddy was being bothered by the smolt run (they take anything) however I was fairly certain my rising fish were in fact trout – I was correct.

I had to be as accurate as possible – casting as close to the brickwork as possible – the fly had to be within a few inches of the brickwork for the trout to even consider the fly – it was the same with all the trout in the slow water accuracy was definitely the key…

1st proper trout (on the dry) of the year from the Kelvin

It took an olive comparadun – it was nice being accurate with the fly and watching it drift down to the zone where I knew it would be in the trout’s vision.

I caught a couple from the slow stretch and then moved on frog jumping pools with my fishing buddy – he was using a dry and dropper and was doing very well..

Alex catching another trout

I have fished a few rivers where the members have somewhere nice to retire to when the fishing is poor – sometimes they are lovely chalets with running water and other times they are just garden huts – what do we get on the Kelvin..


That’s right – a couple of park benches (paid for by my council tax no doubt) dragged into the undergrowth and surrounded by empty booze bottles and plastic bags.

Fantastic – it makes my day seeing stuff like this in the middle of one of our most beautiful parks – I mean it really makes overseas anglers want to fish here when they know what kind of facilities we can provide for them. I am reminded of an email from a chap who used to read my blog – he was an airline pilot and finally got the chance to fish the Kelvin – “For the love of God think of the children” (I am paraphrasing a bit) “first cast I was up to my waist in fanny pads and shit”

Ok – he was maybe exaggerating a bit however how do we expect people to look after the water quality when people treat it as a dumping ground or a drinking den – I mean I am sure this little den was created as it is in a lovely place – why then do they then try and go out there way to ruin it?

Anyway – I caught several trout on dries – and loved fishing a riffle where I had to roll cast my leader to a rising trout..

Nice riffle

The riffle was lovely – it was what I had been waiting for all year – a rising trout in a riffle – they are always super eager as they have recovered from spawning to be fit enough to stay in some faster water.

I pricked more than I landed and for one trout I wished I had a net – it was certainly a little bigger than the rest however was lost at my hand – my fishing buddy was going to take my picture but it was gone as I brought it to hand.

A lovely session on the Kelvin – looking forward to my next already.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-09

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Lots of flies – no trout!

The Kelvin has been seeing huge Grannom hatches however as consistent with most rivers the trout do not even give them a second glance – I spent a few hours on the Kelvin a couple of days ago late afternoon to find very few trout even willing to take the nymph – which made me suspect the section I was fishing has had a fairly catastrophic disaster causing the population to decline (as opposed to me being crap)

A Grannom

I covered what rising fish I did see with a small CDC Sedge pattern – a trout that was rising certainly had a bash at it however I probably fluffed the strike –  further down the stretch in some slow water there were two trout rising – they were good trout – both were spooked by the tippet.

Sedge Swarm

Like something from the Bible

Interestingly, I hear that elsewhere on the river smolts and parr were taking the sedge – one person let me know the Big Blue Pool looked like it was raining due to all the risers.

As I beat my way through the bushes I found last years horror show was back..

Skunk Cabbage

That is correct the evil Skunk Cabbage is back……again!

Fishing The Tay tomorrow for a few hours – see you guys later!

Tenuous Fishing Photos 18/52

Weekly tenuous photo:

Like something from the Bible

This was a hatch of sedge on the 5th May late afternoon – it is tenuous as the trout did not even glance at them!

You can see more tenuous fishing photos here

Cold Bank Holiday Weekend

Apologies to folk who received a rough draft of this post by email.

A cold front started to move in over the weekend – the reasonable temps  of last week gave way to temps in the single figures Saturday and Sunday – Saturday I went to the Zoo (and ran into Mike from Tamanawis at the Monkeys) however Sunday I had arranged to go fishing with Stephen – at the last minute Alan decided to tag on as well.

The Zoo - working out how to catch wild animals for years!

Originally we were planning on the shit pipe river however due to the fact that three of us were now fishing we decided a change of venue to the Clyde was needed – so we left Glasgow where it was actually quite mild and by the time we got to our spot it was pretty cold with a distinct nip in the air. The temp gauge on the car said 7 degrees  – we knew we needed 10 or higher.

We started fishing and after a few casts of my single dry I decided to switch to a dry and dropper set up – Rio had kindly sent me some tippet to review so used some of the fluro for the dropper.

I fished hard for an hour or so – I did not get a take on either the dry or the dropper – Stephen had a fish that took his dry in some riffle however it then shot towards him throwing the hook in the process.

Stephen - only fishes dusk and dawn!

By the afternoon the temp was not rising and to cap things of we had to walk through some cows (possibly bullocks) – Alan did the manly thing to make em’ move – still there was some stuborn ones in there.

I thought they were bullocks!

Obviously Alan ended up doing something right as he started to attract rising trout – the Martins were wheeling above our heads taking March Browns in the air and from the surface – on both occasions that everything seemed to come together to allow the trout to rise he was in the right place at the right time – his tally of trout was 3 to my one – they were all small with nowt over a pound.

It is close up for a reason!

Still – it was nice to be out on the big river even if we caught next to nothing – we had some action with rising trout (to March Browns) and managed to not fall in or twist our ankles.

There is big fish here!

We also learned where some big trout live and how to get at them – which should be fun!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-02

  • It is overcast and mild … could do with a little more heat however it is my birthday and I am hitting the river for an hour or so! #
  • Got rained on and seen one fly .. #
  • Consistent good temps over next few days .. overcast and high pressure …. guess who twisted there ankle! #
  • Out for a walk – the kelvin looks great! http://twitgoo.com/u0niv #
  • For a city river it sure is fine! http://twitgoo.com/u0nm0 #
  • In a couple of miles of river I met nobody fishing! http://twitgoo.com/u0oeo #
  • Just ran into mike from tamanawis at edinburgh zoo … he was watching the monkeys! #

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That Friday Feeling!

I got that Friday feeling – thankfully this week it was actually yesterday – today I had a day off –  physiotherapy has instructed me to make sure my ankle does not seize up so I scheduled in a walk along the Kelvin valley – the boy accompanied me!

First stop was the entrance into the Botanic Gardens – it was here we started as we got the bus along to the top of Byres Road – the smell of Spring hits you as soon as you walk in the park.

BAM - a whole lot of Spring right in yer face!

There is nothing nicer than the heavy smell of damp pollen in the air – it just smells so earthy and ….well –  alive I suppose!

It was at this point it started pissing down with rain so we decided to get into one of the glasshouses to look at the fish – the boy instantly spotted some Carp – a roughfisher he may be.

The boy spies fish - good job bars are in the way!

The boy spies fish - good job the bars are in the way!

The Kelvin had some colour to it and was above summer levels – I could still see rocks on the bottom of the pools – it was overcast and showery and the temp was pretty good – I would say it maxed out at around 15 degrees – all in al fantastic fishing weather – which is probably why in the couple of miles that I walked I only met one fisher and he was using bait at a weir.

Lovely pool - perfect height - of course totally barren of anglers!

Lovely pool - totally barren of anglers!

Later on I had a run in with the infamous employed dog walking people – two people had around a dozen dogs with them and looked suitably “doggy” with welly boots and funny looking plastic handle thingies to throw balls so they do not get their hands all slimy from dog saliva – these people are infamous as they are known to encourage their dogs to enter pools that anglers are in the process of fishing. A couple of the dogs ran up and started to lick the boys face and hands as he had been eating a sandwich – the boy got a fright and started to cry loudly – this attracted the other dogs – dog lady was not really making an effort to get the dogs away – she did kinda half apologise however she then lost control of the main big black dog and it stole her jacket – my boy was crying and we were surrounded by dogs – he was at their level – look I was a bit annoyed ok – all it would have taken was for one of those dogs to just lose it for a moment and they could have bit my boy.

“Feck Off” – I hissed (or something like that) – They must have heard me as after a brief panic and and a few forced smiles from me they eventually fecked off.

Lovely pool - again totally barren of anglers!

I notice that we are supposed to have a dip in temp over the next couple of days – the forecast was certainly not good for today however I would have loved to be fishing today – I would have certainly felt hopeful –  there was lots of insect activity – I could not stick around in any one spot long enough to look for risers however I am sure they would have been there.

So – anyone get out today?

Been bothered by herds of dog walkers?

Are you a dog walker bothered by anglers?

Tenuous Fishing Photos 17/52

This is a picture from last Sunday – sewage leaking into the river from an old pipe. This was reported to SEPA last year as well.


This kind of shit makes our rivers stink and drives people away – it is pretty bad for the fish and insect life as well.

Serious action must be taken – if SEPA will do nothing I may just hit that pipe with some cement and a tree trunk – who is with me boys?

You can see more tenuous fishing photos here

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