Check it out – a Kelvin Job!

Willie Yeomans (the River Clyde Scientist who is obsessed with Crayfish and who thinks I need to start jogging) posted in the forum about a new post that has arisen for someone who would like to become a “Kelvin Catchment Trainee”

Job title – Natural Communities Trainee: Kelvin River Catchment . Based in Glasgow.

Natural Communities is an innovative new programme providing 12 month long programmes to equip trainees with the skills to engage communities with the environment.
The Kelvin Catchment Trainee will be based with the Clyde River Foundation and will assist with increasing community awareness of and participation in river management. The project will focus around developing a new Kelvin Catchment Forum, delivering an education programme to primary schools and developing riverfly monitoring within the Kelvin catchment. During the placement you will be supported to learn and put into practice a wide range of natural heritage and community development skills, work towards gaining an accredited qualification and develop and deliver your own community environmental engagement project.

• You will need to have a basic knowledge of natural history and a commitment to conservation. Experience of the natural sciences and/or a demonstrable interest in river ecology will be an advantage, as will some experience of working with the public. You will be highly motivated and able to work efficiently without supervision. This role requires excellent communication and organisational skills and an aptitude for enthusing others to value, enjoy and protect our natural heritage.

The post is temporary for 12 months

Terrifying – in other words you will be thrown to the lions at fishing club AGM’s to be ripped apart like a zebra at the watering hole.

Only kidding – in all honesty if I did not have a job (and I was younger without a family and with a gigantic mortgage) that already sucked out my soul when you consider the amount of hours I have left to be near flowing water I might actually have went for it.

As it is I can only stick my oar in and hope that someone who actually deserves the job gets it  – speaking of which I have a request for Yeomans ..

Interview Panels need all stakeholders!


Tenuous fishing photos 48/52

I was raking around my Mother n’ Laws computer (that I built) and found some pictures that my sister n’ law took a couple of years ago when she came Pike fishing with me – I had been on a roll for a few months catching enormous Pike on the fly every time I hit the loch, she is a budding artist and wanted to take some photos. Anyway, I regaled her with stories of enormous beasts from the depths however on this day I managed to catch bugger all and she retired to my car for heat and left me to it.

Tenuous fishing photos 48/52

So basically she took some photos of me casting badly with enormous flies and walking sheepishly to the bank-side – she even bought waders for the fun.  The plan was for me to cast the monstrosities and then give her the rod to retrieve the fly and play a Pike. She got bored with this and found being waist deep in freezing cold water not much fun.

Phew – only 4 pictures left of my (sometimes) weekly photo project – want me to do it again next year? I am thinking of actually opening it up to you guys to send in photos – what do you think?

Urban Fly Fisher = Fly fishing blogs to be reckoned with (one of them)

Anyway, I was reeling to find out that Urban Fly Fisher was not included in the 13 fly fishing blogs & e-zines to get you through winter” but then after reading them noticed there was a distinct US bias – and we all know what the US think of us eh?

#Smile# – Only kidding ya!

What did put a smile on my face was being part of the Fishtec list of Fly Fishing Blogs to be Reckoned with by Robin Falvey.

Like I say it is a great list of the best UK fly fishing blogs out there (obviously I got in there due to sheer longevity) – I notice Gareth wrote a nice wee piece on his blog about being in the list  – that guy needs to get married and have some kids – he has far too much fun as far as I am concerned – “Hey Gareth – how about a half dozen of your micro flies?” at the very least it will give me some inspiration and a boost to start my winter tying.

And Mike from Tamanawis is on the list – the only pal I know who looks outside when it is this cold and gets his walking shoes on, picks up a shovel and goes and digs a snow hole for a few days.

Thanks Fishtec!

Tenuous fishing photos 47/52

In case you do not live in the UK the thing that everyone is talking about just now is the snow. It has not been this early since 1993 seemingly!

Consequently my 47th photo is dedicated to sledging.

When I was young we found a hill...

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For lovers of Crayfish everywhere!

Crayfish, Crayfish everywhere – maybe this is the kind of gear the Kelvin association should be selling – especially after the TV coverage of the news that the Kelvin has now been invaded by the beasts :

(all pics are links to Amazon)

Somewhere to hang your fishing jacket and hat..

Some weird music to help you sleep…

A mousemat as you read Urban Fly Fisher…

The report goes on to say that someone out there may have stuck them in the river on purpose – whether this is someone that holds a grudge against the association or someone who thinks they can make money from trying to sell this highly illegal beast we can only speculate – although if anyone has any info please do get in touch


Crayfish problem highlighted in the Herald!

My Goodness- two posts in a day – you guys must be reeling.

Anyway – I got into work this morning and recieved a text from my boss telling me I was in the Herald. Thinking “what have they found out about me”  after all now Tommy Sheridan is out the spotlight the media must now have to target other innocent folk. #smile#

Signal Crayfish

Anyway – I bought the paper and it turns out the Herald have done a rather nice write up about the Signal Crayfish issue as well (better than the BBC)  – and who is that chap rigged out in fly fishing gear with a serious dose of the “not having the scooby” – that’s right – me!

Anyway – two articles and not one mentioned Willie Yeomans .

Here is an abridged version of the Herald article.

Any talk of wide angle lenses and “fat filters” will be severely moderated.

If you enjoy researching about Crayfish you will find these books from Amazon very worthwhile:


Crayfish in Europe as Alien Species: How to Make the Best of a Bad Situation? (Crustacean Issues)

BBC cover crayfish issue – the Kelvin!

Paul the sec was interviewed …

Crayfish are the hot topic for anglers just now …


Fish shrink during harsh winters !


Earth News

So we actually have a scientific reason why I failed to catch any big trout this season – it has to do with the very cold winter.

The scientists, based in Norway and Finland, discovered that juvenile brown trout reduced in length by as much as 1cm – a shrinkage of approximately 10%.

They say this could help the young fish to conserve energy when food is in short supply.

They describe, in the journal Functional Ecology, how the fishes’ bodies “shortened”.

This rare phenomenon has been seen before in some small mammals, including shrews, and in lizards.

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