Diver Dave’s Wader Repairs!

It is 22 days until the brown trout season opens – I am hoping to get out after Pike fairly soon however I have a bit of a problem – my waders have a bit of an evil leak in them. Not a horrific leak or anything but certainly a couple of creepers – one is right at my crotch as well so it means that any sneaky sessions after work will be hard to explain away.

So I was looking at the price of new waders in the Sportfish catalogue that thumped through my letterbox the other day. I nearly chocked on my porridge – how much for a pair of waders? For the price of a pair of these waders I could put my car through its MOT and probably get some new brake pads (possibly)

And remember the chances of these waders actually lasting a long time are somewhere between slim and slimmer – by a long time I mean more than a couple of seasons of serious fishing. Sure my old Vision Endurance lasted a while however those bad boys had seen more aquasure than…..well someone that likes sticky stuff:

And that was just the start..

After mending my old ones at the crotch I then managed to fall over a barbed wire fence ripping big gashes down both legs – I mended them as well.

Eventually I acquired a new pair of Scierra’s from the Glasgow Angling Centre – a trade for some advertising and they have been with me for a couple of seasons – however like I say they have been leaking – I just cannot face going at them with a torch and some Aquasure – I just know it will be the beginning of the end.

However, I then learned of a certain Diver Dan who is fixing problems with waders before they even start sometimes:

For the last few years I have been repairing anglers waders. For many years I was a diver, running my own business. A large part of the business was dry suit repair, as they are very expensive and only last about 5-10 years.

However like most anglers I found myself replacing my waders every second season.

I decided to attempt to pressure test the wader’s using the same technique as I used for dry suits, and then to repair them to dive suit standards. I got a loan of all my friends waders, most of which had a leak or two and pressure tested them using compressed air. I found that they all leaked in the same places, and that the problem was always the manufacturing technique, they were simply not made to last, the seams, particularly in the crotch and feet being the common leak points. I then compared the seams of dive suits and waders and found that the taping was very poor, however this was an easy fix.

Diver Dave also has an absolute classic tag line – No one has a patch on us!

Seemingly some folk send their new waders to him to have them sealed properly to ensure they do not actually start leaking.

To cut a long story short I wrapped up my waders in a bag last week – first of all it was a white bag however someone in work told me it looked like a huge big maggot and it gave them the creeps so I swapped it for a black bag which looked less creepy however will now probably get lost in the black hole that is Royal mail.

I will keep you updated on their progress!

24ish days until the season opens – buy this book as well!

Ok – so you bought the book I suggested yesterday – you will be reading up on all the insects you will probably meet by the river so you will actually have some kind of idea what fly to put on – but what about the times you do not actually see any insect activity at all – the answer my friends is in this book which I also have a rather subtle affiliate image to:

oooOOOH – he looks aggressive all right – crouched over like some kind of pantomime villain – A bit  like Pale Watery who likes to kid on he is all tiny flies  and insect life instead of giant Wooly Buggers made out of tortured sheep for the smell (only kidding Jim)

Anyway – it is a good book – I do actually have these books by the way – I don’t just pick books on Amazon and then try and punt them to you – this is why I keep on recommending the same book a few times, its because every year I get them out again usually at this time of the year.


25 days until the season opens – buy this book!

Seriously, if there is one book you are thinking of buying then buy this one – until next week when I tell you to buy another one.

(The image is an affiliate link to Amazon)

Essentially the book breaks down the UK hatches into Spring, Summer and Autumn detailing what artificial flies you can use to cover all possible insects – the aptly named “Dirty Dozen”.

I like this book as it is easy to read and reminds me of what the insects are when I find them on my hands. Plus it gives you extra brownie points when you tell your fellow fly fisherman the Latin name for insects.


Weekly water photo 7 of 52

I have no idea what the name is of this wee burn – I don’t even think it has ever been fished – in a serious way anyway!
It really is a nice wee urban burn!


Kelvin Salmon Season Opening Ceremony

So Saturday was the opening ceremony for the River Kelvin – the actual opening day of the Salmon season was Friday however it was a kind of last minute decision to hold any kind of shindig. Anyway, a quick post was made on the Fishkelvin site and some members agreed to pop along at the last minute. Some folk also popped by to pick up fleeces they had bought and to pick up permits – all was good. We even had a piper to walk us down to the river (it turned out he was a childhood pal of mine so we got to have a good chin wag)

Weird stones in the park...

Derek was drafted in to take photos due to my dodgy camera work so I got to mingle with folk instead of looking like the paparazzi. As usual with these things I was there early with the boy so I got to have a play in the park for a while before folk turned up.

We are not joining you down there.....

Paul and Stephen were sent down to the river – Paul gave a wee speech and then some whiskey was thrown into the river. We all watched from a safe distance.

Some crazy guys stayed around to fish and everyone else went home – all in all a great day.

Back a bit, a bit more, back a bit, keep going, keep going...

Make sure you check out the official photos when they are ready over on the association website – Derek also got in a wee video of the procession which should be fun.

Roll on the start of the Trout season eh?

31 days and counting down chaps!

edit: Here is the video

Opening Day on the Kelvin

In true Kelvin style we will be having our opening day on Saturday 12th feb.

Paul left this messege:

I apologise for the late notice, but with the weather in mind we were not sure if this was likely to go ahead. As it stands we have arranged for a small ceremony tomorrow (Saturday 12th) at 11am.
We will be meeting at Ha’penny House in the Botanics stretch. FORK have been kind enough to open the house and there will be food available for a small donation. Tea and Coffee will also be available, with a good chance of something stronger for those that might want to toast the beginning of the salmon season.
All are welcome. If you know of anyone that might like to come along, please let them know.
Permits, hats and fleeces will be on sale.
Kind regards,

And remember fleeces and hats are in all colors – and by that we mean both blue AND green.

See you there!

A jaunt up the Kelvin…Video Nasty!

Kelvinator Alasdair P posted a nice wee video in my Kelvin Forum of several of the runs and pools at the lower end of the river – pretty much from the Clyde and then up a few miles.

He has very handily named all the pools and areas – If you do not fish the Kelvin and only read this blog in the hope that one day I will fall in again I urge you to have a gander at it – it really show you just how urban the river actually is. It also shows to go you just how imaginative we anglers are at naming pools – like the “White House” due to the white house or “The Big Blue” because of the pub or even the famous “Tree Pool” because….well I don’t want to ruin the surprise do I….

Thanks Alasdair – that was awesome! The only thing missing was the colorful characters we run into from time to time!

Weekly Water Photo – 6 of 52

Here is the next picture in my water photo series – this time of a stretch of the Kelvin …

6 of 52

By heck it looks grim!

Can you see the big black birds? Seemingly they eat lots of fish. They sit up their like big black vultures waiting to swoop down on some unsuspecting prey – what are the chances of trying to get them to eat the crayfish ?

Kelvin AGM 2011 – Outcomes!

So the Kelvin AGM was a lot of fun – if someone had told me a couple of years ago that we would have a strictly no kill policy for trout I would have thought they were havering but there you go. Someone who shall remain nameless who allegedly caught a 3lb brown trout and killed it last year was named and shamed by another member – he also voted in the no kill policy.

There is every possibility that some folk just wandered in out the rain...

As usual the biggest argument was about money – still, the permit price was put up enough to get some bankside work done – get some trees cut down to make casting easier.

Lets see what happens.

Weekly water photo – 5 of 52

So I drove past shit pipe river yesterday – it was in full spate.
Not long to go now before we can catch a trout!
You can see the river between the trees!
Questio: when does a burn become a river? At what point does your attitude change?


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