More freaky Friday Photos..

Just to freak you out for the weekend, here are some more freaky photos!

Howling at the Moooooooooon!

As many of you are aware I have a bit of an interest in Astronomy – not the serious understanding it and knowing where everything is kind, more the I know that is Jupiter and that is the moon, everything else takes a bit of searching way.

I use a pair of Olympus Binocular 10×50 DPS-1 and love them. I also have a big pair of Celestron SkyMaster Binoculars 15×70 which I reviewed a while ago.

Anyway, today I give you a photo of the moon I took.

Can anyone see a Trout in one of those lakes?

I have had a telescope on my Amazon Wishlist for a while now and nobody (namely the wife) has taken me on. I suspect people believe  I am only allowed one obsessive hobby.

Desire Paths

Desire paths are……

What the hell, here is a weird video on the You Tube that describes them..

The Kelvin river bank has a ton of them and there is even a Flickr group dedicated to them.

Did you even know that these tracks made by  rebellious first world  anarchists even had a name?

Kelly Kettles

Is there anyone out there that does not own a Kelly Kettle?

You must at least have heard of them though?


It is a portable device for boiling water outdoors using twigs and other small combustible materials; tit consist of a water jacket surrounding a fire chamber which creates an upward chimney draft ensuring efficient and rapid boiling even in windy or wet weather. Essentially you can use pine cones, mosses, bits of bark small twigs & random litter to get the wee fire going and you do not have to worry about the wind. Personally I send my child out after twigs to fuel it and he loved sticking them in the hole and watching them burn.
Cotswald Outdoor have the new one with the plastic stopper instead of my old school one with the cork. The big Kelly Kettle at Cotswald looks like the one you can get a nifty adapter for to grill stuff on the top – failing that you can stick a wee homemade grill on the top to cook meat or a wild trout if you fancy it.

Winter Grayling fishing and hot freshly brewed coffee anyone?


Developer Hugh Reid about to f*ck with the Kelvin – not on our watch!

Developer Hugh Scott has applied for the Kelvin River Wildlife/Green corridor to be repealed.

This is quite possibly the start of a process which could eventually lead to buildings all along the banks of the Kelvin which will destroy all access to the river and cause irreparable damage to the already recovering habitat.

Under his company, Highlander House, the developer has submitted proposals to GCC to end the Kelvin River wildlife corridor, which runs along the river bank linking Kelvingrove Park to the Botanic Gardens. This is a very good pool and run where many anglers have caught Salmon and good sized trout.

Recently Labour councilors on the council’s planning applications committee voted unanimously to grant plans to build an unprecedentedly large building complex on Otago Lane. Residents and business owners have been exploring legal options so as to challenge the decision. Amongst a myriad of breaches of protocol and planning policy it appears the designated corridor was completely ignored as an issue in the report to the planning committee, along with the relevant rules protecting green space. This provides strong grounds for taking the decision to grant to judicial review. We believe that the developer plans to neutralize this as an issue by proposing the annulment of the wildlife corridor, another backdoor tactic. As we know from experience, the DRS cannot be relied upon to protect the heritage and wildlife of this city.

Your support is now needed to object to this proposal, to protect the river and Otago Lane.

You can show your support very easily  by sending a simple letter and or email. Remember to include:

• Your name

• Postal and email address

• The proposal’s designated number: PROP0049

• The grounds on which your comments are based (e.g. Scottish Planning Policy 11) see below for relevant environmental policies links:…/Environment/ENV01.htm…/Environment/ENV08.htm…/Environment/ENV17.htm

A sample letter can be found here, to help you draft your own.

Please send your letter to:

Development Plan Team, D.R.S., GlasgowCity Council, 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX

Or email:


Wee Bags

To complement the minimalist style of Tenkara I was thinking of obtaining some kind of new bag. Obviously all I need to stick in it will be some tippet, flies, car keys and possibly a mobile phone. I was thinking of using an old camera case however when thinking about it I decided it would swing around too much especially if I was bending over and crouching a lot as you do on small streams. I quite fancied a bum bag however it may still be a little big.
I found this dinky wee belt bag (Lifeventure mini belt pack) which looks just the part over at E-Outdoor for £14 which not only is good for holding the gear but is good for watching the old wallet as well.

It looks like it is a nice slim profile to just stick at your side for when it is needed.

Stick a Hardy logo on that bad boy and it would cost you £50

Freaky Friday Fishing Photos!

Welcome to Friday!

Autumn Emails..

I love getting emails from you guys:

Hello Alistair i have fished that wee burn in redacted  since i was a lad you should try from its source up at the redacted there is some nice deep pools and runs up that way below the redacted


Gordon is of course referring to the wee burn that saved the 2nd half of the season for me after all that horrible watery stuff falling out the sky.

It just so happens that I am planning on heading up my my wee urban hidden in plain site burn next season – I am looking forward to sharing it with you guys!

A picture lower down in the burn…

I always think that the burns look totally fishless at this time of year however they must still be there feeding away as and when required. So far the weather has been pretty mild and I could have swore I spotted some olives drifting around the other day.

I love looking at all the interesting looking fungus that springs up, anyone know what this is?

I suspect if you ate this you may have an interesting couple of days, and then die!




Any room in your bothy brother?

I was browsing around looking for the usual knick knacks that one may need for a day on the river and found myself perusing the survival area of Outwood Sports. I find myself looking at stuff that I may want however do not actually need.
A classic example is the Lifesystems Survival Bothy.

For around forty bucks you get survival bothy for up to 12 people which is seemingly ideal as emergency protection from the elements for a group of hikers or mountaineers and I assume anglers. Ideal for those that get lost in the hills when hunting for distant lochs.
I am reminded of a story I read on a forum about a couple of anglers who knew the route to a distant loch extremely well, it was halfway up a mountain. As they were coming down the mountain fog descended however they knew exactly where they were going. They met a group of hill walkers with all the gear: backpacks, walking sticks, massive jackets and dressed up for what looked like an artic exhibition, they were also very lost. They looked at the couple of anglers, dressed in waders and a T-shirt’s walking purposefully forward and after a bit of thought asked for some advice.
The two anglers gave them the best advice on how to get back down the mountain and went on their way. Later they wondered about the stories the walkers would recount about the couple of crazies they met on a distant hill.

The fly fishing Prof hits the net..

It is always nice when a new blog starts up however it can leave one feeling a wee bit lonely waiting for some visitors.


The man in action..

The Fly Fishing Prof is the brand spanking new website of Charles Graves the dedicated man who traveled half way across Europe to fish the mighty Kelvin.

He is hugely photogenic as well…

Check him out – The Fly Fishing Prof.