Essential Skills With Oliver Edwards

Looks like a good DVD… can buy it from Amazon too. I have the one to do with Czech Nymphing……the guys class……..this one is to do with Mayfly time on a chalkstream….looks like well worth the cashdo!!!!

Essential Skills With Oliver Edwards - Fishing Dry Fly On A Chalk Stream / Mayfly Time On A Chalk Stream

Gartnaval pond=Binghams Pond

You might remmember a couple of posts ago I spoke about the pond at Gartnaval…well I found out a little more info from here

Bingham’s pond was built at Gartnavel in the early 1880s on the site of old brick and coal pits. Popular skating and boating activities were run by three generations of the Bingham family, with tea rooms established in the c.1885 clubhouse.
Glasgow Corporation tried to acquire the site in 1956, but it was sold for redevelopment. Various schemes were mooted in the late 1960s, and eventually the easterly third of the pond was filled in to allow Reo Stakis to build a five-story hotel. The remainder of the site was donated to the Corporation for use as a public park

Anyway, I was going to go for Grayling today but had lots of stuff to do so have decided to just go down to the local canal and have a bash for Pike.

Ta ta!!

New Fishing Camera!!

So after hunting around for ages I finally found an ideal little fishing camera. It is a Mustek gSm@rt D35. My last fishing camera was another Mustek which was actually pretty pants but served me well for a couple of years. I didnt hear too many people complaining anyway.
A fishing camera has to have certain features. Its got to me small and its got to be cheap. This one also has a flash which my last one didnt and this one also has a viewscreen.
This is much better as before sometimes I missed the fish…..which was annoying….and damn its teensy
Its small enough to go around my neck and fit in my wader pouch (if I ever get them back) and cheap enough that if it gets dipped in water again and ruined I wont be devastated (much)
It also takes nice photos which is a plus 🙂
The pictures taken at Gartnaval in the last post were also taken by the Mustek gSm@rt D35 so you can see the quality is pretty good. As usuall though you get what you pay for…..I have taken some pretty pants photos with it as well……its like any new toy you have got to play about with it untill you can get it to perform at the optimal level.

I got mine off ebay for a song…….second hand but had been used very little……it comes with 16mb built in but this can be expanded using mmc or SD cards…..takes two AAA batteries….its best Ive found to use Rechargable batteries anyway

Like I said I got mine off ebay but if you would rather get a brand spanking new one you can get one from Amazon… can click the picture below
Mustek gSm@rt D35

Gartnaval Pond

There is a large pond near to where I live next to a hospital. The pond was just a featureless concrete bowl that was half filled with stagnant water. The was swans in their as well……vicious ones at that..they would peck your lunch out your hands. There was a big sign up that said “DO NOT FEED THE SWANS”
So the pond has been in disrepair for years now…their used to be little boats years ago and people would come on nice days to row and eat ice cream. Nice for families and summer days. Those boats are long gone now, families dont come now, the only people that sit at the edges are staff from the hospital and the occasional school kid smoking a joint. Plus the usuall hardened drinkers enjoying the sunshine!
At the start of the year it started to change. Workman came and started to clear out all the junk and pile in earth. They were not filling it in… they were “landscaping” it.
The end result is actally quite nice…
gartnaval pond
I would like to show you a picture of what it was like before they did all the work but I couldnt find one. They put in earth around the edges so that it looked like a natural pond,reed beds and put some nice flowers as well. I watched the changes happening slowly. During the summer when I was walking by (I drop a client off at the hosptal regular) I noticed minnows in the pond. Some of them were pretty damn big as well. In fact I would go as far as to say that they were massive minnows. Perhaps one day some young kids will try and catch them and move on to fly fishing in the Kelvin …would be nice.
There is still a big sign up to say “DO NOT FEED THE SWANS”
garnaval sign
You would think that after doing all that work they would want to encourage people to come and use it, they say it is because the pond cannot support the swans. They have been their for as long as I can remmember though.
Its funny how long Glasgow City Council takes to do stuff like that….I was emailing a guy from Canada for a while. He came over to visit Glasgow on business and we were going to meet up for a fish. But things being the way they are I couldnt make it. He went for a walk along the river and he commented about the sheer amount of rubbish that was in it and he wondered why the council did nothing about it……..I wondered about that too!!

The Small Stream Dry Fly

Ah, Christmas and the dark nights are closing in again and it is time for good books. Whilst I seem to spend my time reading textbooks when I go to bed I like to read and dream about fishing…..this looks like a doozerThe Small Stream Dry Fly

. In this book Lou Stevens presents a new and radical approach to fishing the dry fly on a wide variety of small streams. Whether you are fishing the dry fly on chalk streams, hillstreams, brooks or moorland streams, the theory is the same. However, the tactics used vary enormously from one type of water to another. The dry fly is now widely accepted for use on almost all types of water, but the chalk stream technique has had to be extensively modified to achieve good results. Lou Stevens describes the techniques required and introduces the reader to the ‘Change of Pace Zones’. He goes on to describe the variations of tactics that are necessary to exploit such zones. The book introduces the reader to a number of little known tactical flies. These are described in detail and include the flies needed to practise the radical ‘damp fly’ approach. For many fisherman there is something utterly delightful and intriguing in taking a trout on a dry fly, especially a fly that has been tied (and perhaps evolved) by the angler personally. The Small Stream Dry Fly with its clear diagrams, informative text and colour photographs will help the reader to develop new techniques and hopefully catch more fish.

It may be my next buy…or on my crimbo list 🙂

Fishing Widows

A couple of people asked me recently about what my partner thinks about my fishing all the time. I suppose the easy answer is that I dont fish all the time. The more complicated answer is that I fish when my partner is at work, she works shifts so I can head to the river for a few hours and still be back in time for her coming home from work. Easy peasy.
I suppose if i was the kind of guy that went to the pub every day then the situation would be different. As it is I think having a hobby like fly fishing is hardly damaging is it??. Now that I come to think about it the main problem is the amount of time i spend on the computer.
So the close season is upon me once more and the time has come to concentrate on Uni work and matters of relationships. Some of you may know that I am getting married nexy year…..we were going on honeymoon to New Zealand but seeing as how I have not passed my driving test exactly a year before we go that has now been changed to South Africa. Claire refused to ferry me about from flow to flow!!!! Ive been hunting around for some nice river fishing in South Africa and have come up with a few possibilities…
One of them is wild trout fly fishing on the upper Berg River..
berg river
Looks nice. I have emailed them so am waiting on a reply. It is about an hour from Cape Town. When I told my other half she did not look pleased……I have promised that I would teach her to fly fish next season…….ah yes a couple of trips/lessons down the Kelvin with a dry fly should sort her out.
She can carry the picnic!

Plain weird!!!

Thought I would share my logs with you….this is one of the last ten searches that people have done to reach the blog

18/10/2004 05:31:02 n@ked girls (Google)
18/10/2004 05:28:48 fly-fishing for Barbel (Google)
18/10/2004 01:51:0 n@ked girls (Google)
18/10/2004 01:21:21 n@ked fishing girls (Google)
17/10/2004 21:32:28 river kelvin fishing (Google)
17/10/2004 19:21:57 national geographic n@ked girls (Google)
17/10/2004 19:13:43 n@ked fishing pictures (Google)
17/10/2004 18:26:53 n@ked girls in bed with fishing rods (Google)
17/10/2004 16:55:17 vision waders (Yahoo)
17/10/2004 16:47:32 Glasgow Coat of Arms (Google)

Good grief….. For a 50 quid I Will send you pictures of myself n@ked!!

edit…I had to put @ in place of “a” as I have been getting too many hits from people being pervy!!!

Vision waders!!

Some of my long term readers will know about my problems with my Vision “Extreme” waders.
You were with me at the begining…when I was all exited about getting them ….you were with me when they arrived and they were exactly one size too big. You were with me when I caught my biggest trout to date on the dry fly and actually commented that perhaps I should call them my lucky waders.
And then the devestation started. A leak had appeared in them. So I sent them back. I thought I would get a new pair but instead sealant was applied and that was that. I thought the problem was fixed.
And it was, for a time…..and then the problems started.
First of all it was paranoia..
I was convinced they were leaking again……and it would turn out that my foot was…..perhaps a little damp but nothing that would constitute a leak…..but perhaps it was….them I would think that it was all in my mind….yegads.

It is not all in my mind….the last time I fished for Grayling my foot was freezing……because water was getting in, because the leak has came back.. GRRRRRRR I have phoned Guide and have been told they will sort it out, I have to send them again. More cash !!!!
Anyway, I have wrapped them up in brown paper which looks suspiciously like a bomb …
and will post in the morning…..I will keep you posted of developments!!

Glasgow Fly Dressing Club

You may remember I went along to the West Of Scotlands Fly Tyers guild night to see Charles Jardine tie some flies. Well, the night has now stopped but restarted under the guise of Glasgow Fly Dressing Club
It is a good excuse to talk about fishing and have an odd pint…….and I suppose to learn some more about tying flies…..The venue is:: the Yarrow Club at 223 Anniesland Road, Glasgow G13 1RP. The night will be a Wednesday and it starts on the 20th October at 6.30pm.

Friends of the River Kelvin!!

So someone from the Friends of the River Kelvin left a messege in my guest book.

Friends of the River Kelvin – monthly clean-ups along various stretches of kelvin – first Saturday of month (except Jan) 10.30am (till 12.30pm …)
all welcome. gloves, wellies, bags provided. Meet at FORK HQ: Ha’penny Bridge House, on the kelvin walkway below kelvin Drive.

Now I cannot make it , I work every Friday into Saturday but if you fish the Kelvin or just care about the river I think it would be worthwhile going along and helping out.

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