leader thingy

Well, now here is a thingus that might be interesting.
leader thingy

That might mean that I could use a tapered leader without actually worrying about buggering it up……need to get a couple for next season I reckon. Worth trying anyway 🙂

To Rise a Trout!

I was asked the other day to recommend a good fly fishing book. I would recommend “To Rise a Trout”. It was in an old bookshop but I have found a copy on Amazon….To Rise a Trout
Its is primarilly dedicated to fishing the dry fly. For those starting out or people who just want to learn more I think its great 🙂To Rise a Trout

Atlantic Salmon Zoom In @ National Geographic Magazine

Atlantic Salmon Zoom In @ National Geographic Magazine
I was looking through these photographs by Paul Nicklen. Lovely the way they have been shot. Gander through the photographs and you come to pictures of 40lb Salmon resting in a pool in Quebec’s Causapscal River.

changing colours..Site update


Check out the updated site…..
urban flyfishing

I think the style flows over much better now….When you go to the flow section the garscube stretch opens in a new window, so does the blog for that matter!
Just go and test it out for me 🙂
Oh yea…..if you look at the little rollover effect on the menu, that is not in fact an error.
#sniff# took my blooming ages to get that….someone said it was “ugly”!

I like it!!!


So I have not been fished the Kelvin in around a month now……jeepers. Today is the last day of the trout season here in good ole Scotland and the last month has been a washout. This Saturday I am going to head down to the kelvin for some Sea Trout action (with any luck) and on Sunday I will be going to another river for some Grayling fun while I can still catch em (try and catch em) on the dry fly.
Regular readers may notice I have changed the writing up at the top of the blog……with a bit of luck this is the start of another site redesign. If you want to have a gander at what Im toying with feel free to have a look here or drop me a line using the mail me button on the right with any suggestions.
Still gagging for a new camera….bit annoyed that the last on eis now jiggered. Been thinking of getting one of these though …
Mustek gSm@rt D35

Its small, has a flash and a view screen and is cheap enough like my other one so that if something happens to it I wont be absolutely devastated. I will write a little review when and if i get it.

Pike Vanish From Lake

Pike Vanish From Lake

Canadian resort puzzled by disappearing fish.

August 2004

Where did all the northern pike go? That’s the question being asked by the community surrounding Watson Lake, located on the border between British Columbia and the Yukon in Canada.

Before last year, Watson was considered a prime destination for trophy pike. In 2002, according to fisheries officials who spoke with The Associated Press, anglers caught 1,680 pike, keeping 158 of them. Based on those catch statistics, biologists estimated that the lake supported in excess of 20,000 pike. Last summer, however, the catch rate on pike dropped to zero. As in zip, zilch, nada.

“It’s weird,” says Aaron Foos of the Department of the Environment.

Weirder still is the fact that the other game fish Watson is known for—grayling, lake trout, whitefish and burbot—all seem to be doing just fine.

After being alerted to the problem, fisheries officials searched intensively for any indication of pike in the lake. They surveyed shallow spawning grounds, set nets and interviewed anglers. But no pike were found.

In seeking to solve the mystery, Foos said the department looked for signs of contamination from toxic or foreign substances but that so far they haven’t found any. Another aspect of the peculiar situation is that pike seem to have disappeared from the lake that feeds into Watson as well. Sounds like a job for Mulder and Scully.

n@ked girls…….classy!!

Damn, another Sunday and not going fishing. Back at University now so my fishing time has been severely curtailed. I wouldn’t mind so much if I was actually getting the chance to get out and go fishing but the weather has been crap which is putting the rivers in terrible condition….and well….you know the rest right.
So I had to make a decision on Saturday about fishing. I was in Ikea and had ordered a new bed. My better half is attending a wedding fair today and it was a toss up between me possibly going fishing…And that was a big possibly with the weather or staying home waiting for our new bed in the morning. This is in fact a big deal as our bed just now is horrible. So I looked at the rain and thought about the state of the river and I took the executive decision of texting my fishing partner and calling it off.
It’s a shame as the river we have been fishing is great. I mean the Kelvin is my home water but there is just something unique about this part of the river that is fantastic. The river is wide but is dotted with lots of islands which makes you feel as if you are fishing lots and lots of little streams……and you know how i like small streams right? It costs like a few pounds for the day permit and I think we have pretty much paid double the season permit in day permits so next season full permits all the way. We just wish we could be their in ideal conditions. The first time I fished their (no I am not going to tell you where) I had a great day and caught many trout. It was very windy. It always seems to be windy. The second time it was way too warm and humid and it soon started to thunder. The next time it was way too high. The time after it was high, windy and raining…..you see what I mean? After the last trip we packed up as the wind was howling and the rain was starting to come down pretty heavy, we got talking about next season and about ideal conditions. I started and then he replied……..
-a nice summer’s day
-with a little cloud cover
-a little breeze, not too much not too little
-a nice hatch going down
-and we know what they are
My fishing partner paused a moment and in his Italian accent said:
-and n@ked g1rls tying on our flies!!

Class, sheer class!!

Times Online – Sport

Times Online – Sport

If I had 20 bucks I would have went along and bought it…..oh hang on it was £20,000

Downgrading and destruction of Loch Lomond – The Herald

An interesting letter published in The Herald
Downgrading and destruction of Loch Lomond – The Herald

Its a shame that Loch Lomond is being destroyed by speedboats and those jet skis. The last time I was at the Loch it was nasty…I wasnt fishing just sitting enjoying the sunshine and peace when “VoooOOOOOOOOOOOOSHHH”

Bob Wyatts Book!

So Bob Wyatts book is finally out. he writes a good yarn in Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine and has some cracking insights into fishing the fly. I enjoy reading his artcles in FFFT magazine and it was one of his paterns for the Grey Duster that I use most!
Click on the picture and see if you fancy buying his book….over at Amazon….just in time for the cold dark nights too!!

I was checking out new digital cameras over at Amazon as well…totally rooked for cash. I may have to wait untill next year before I get a new dinky one 🙁

edit….you may find this post interesting if you are a new reader.

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