Opening Celebration! (I think)

As you can see from the last post conditions on the Saturday were not exactly ideal for trout fishing. It was freezing however I managed to combat that by wearing two pairs of thermal long-johns, a thermal vest and some layers. This only meant my hands were exposed to the elements and within minutes they were like ice.

Spring has not sprung and the icy grip of winter continues to grab us by the balls and squeeze out the warm happiness.

Here, have the video from the opening celebration:

Additionally, Glasgow’s resident Angling Superstar decided to join us for a jaunt through the park and some illegal drinking  fishy talk.

Its Paul Young!

Its Paul Young!

Truth be told I did not even get my new waders wet, it was a simple case of a wander around the river and then back to bar for some hot pies and sausage rolls (see what you guys are missing) Their were no new members which I found kinda weird as the folk that were their are founts of knowledge to do with the river and are only to happy to tell other folk techniques etc.

I just looked at the 5 day forecast over at the Met Office  and things do not look as if they are going to hear up anytime soon. It looks like Thursday will have temps “feeling” like -1.

This just is not right.

After last years disastrous season I was really looking forward to casting a fly once more and was determined (am determined) to take full advantage of having a rout stream on my doorstop or even the wee burn on the way home from work. I would like to think that if we were given a terrible Spring then we may get a good summer, however the weather and statistics (and gambling) just does not work like that. The weather is fairly random and nobody can really predict what it is going to be like a couple of weeks from now never mind what kind of summer we are going to get. I suppose really it could get a little warmer and just start raining for six months, wouldn’t that be a dream!

Nope, it would in fact be a bloody nightmare!

Speaking of having a trout stream on my doorstep I was having a rummage around some of the other blogs that I visit and was counting my blessings when folk were talking about driving a few hours to get to their local stream. I was talking to a fishing buddy the other day and were talking about driving for a half hour to get to a new bit of water might be a pain in the ass however that has now paled into insignificance as all we want is a bit of sunshine to draw some olives from the water.

Anyway, I am not going to  blether on as I am pretty sure you guys know about the weather just as much as I do!

What have you guys been up to?



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  1. Matt Eastham · March 24, 2013

    This really is a crock of shit don’t you think? I’m sick of it now, bloody sick of it I tell you.

    You still looking at paying a visit late May?

  2. Alistair · March 24, 2013

    Damn right I am – unless it is snowing!

    Which is a possibility!

  3. Steven · March 24, 2013

    Took the boy down to the post office where our club tickets are bought from. Bought my season ticket, Came back via the river, got out the car, walked to the bridge, looked over (looked pretty good), lost all feeling in my face and hands, cut in two by a biting wind, got back in car and went home to a roaring fire. Not quite how I’d been imagining opening day for the last few months!

  4. Marcel · March 24, 2013

    Always enjoy the Kelvin opening video, class act 🙂

  5. Paul R · March 24, 2013

    Paul Young, what a turn up for the books! Very nice of him to make an appearance and support the Association. A true gent.