One week of Uni left!!

Well….I have one week of Uni work proper left before I can start fishing everyday. I have a presentation and two essays and then I am home free.
Its strange, The last month or so have been spent in preperation for the season I seem to have learnt a lot. Im looking forward to learning more about fly life and attempting to tie up some imitave patterns. I used to go to lessons when I was around 15 but gave up when i discovered alcohol. I think I will post some of my efforts in this blog, in fact I will make a special wee catagory for it as well.
Other things that have been fun the last month or so have been this redesigned blog and the redesigned website. Thanks for the help Morgan 🙂

Meeting Paul, Colin, Greg and of course Bob Wyatt for that STV thingy was great I hope I dont look like a total clown if they leave in my piece.

Once my Uni work finishes properly I will actually start blogging my trips again…….just in case you ar ebored with me actually just talking tosh all the time……here is some old posts Nice Mushrooms and fish want sex

sigh Anyway, I suppose I had better shoot of and get my stuff done. If there are no posts over the next few days it is because I will be hard at work!!! I will be going to Budapest over the weekend as well, its my 30 th birthday……..eak!!!

ta Ta


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  1. jason · April 19, 2004

    You mentioned wanting to tie up some imitave (I assume you meant “imitative”) fly patterns. A river guide named Andy Kim, down on the San Juan in New Mexico is tying up some patterns that are truly inspirational. One of them is the Yong-Special and has been deadly on alot of Western rivers in the U.S. I’d be interested in hearing how they do over there, across the pond. Andy had a site up called but it’s down for construction.

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