Ok Ok – Its January!

Its January, it’s cold and miserable and most of us have not caught a fish all year – it will probably be another few months before we will even see a snout of a trout. Last year the season started badly with freezing temperatures – all the trout were away hibernating or something. Then suddenly almost overnight we were faced with flaming hot days with people worrying about the trout going belly up in the heat – you just can’t please some people.

Something struck me as I drove into work after the festivities – sleet! It was bloody miserable – I think I may actually have preferred the freezing cold of Christmas time to the damp miserable cold of New Year.

Still, its not all doom and gloom – each day is getting just a tiny wee bit longer. I have this wee widget on my phone that tells me the time of sunrise and sunset – today’s sunrise was at 0848 and sunset was at 1600 giving us 7 hours, 12mins and 9 seconds of meagre daylight while tomorrow sunrise will be at 0847 and sunset will be at 1601 giving us a whopping 7 hours, 14 mins and 8 seconds of sunny goodness to fill your soul. Fast forward a month and the length of day will be around 8 hours, 57mins and 59 seconds.

Sexy Vice...

I note from my diary the first time I wet a line last year was a Pike Trip – it was actually pretty good with lots of Jacks caught.

The only positive thing about the dark nights is that it can be filed away as “fly tying time”. Of course being a Fishing Father the dark nights can also be an excuse to go to bed at 8pm and catch up on some zeds. Talking of which I need to get my ass in gear and actually start tying some trout flies.

Oh Happy New Year by the way.


  1. Allan · January 5, 2011

    Yeah! it wont be long now 69 days until the start of the troot season. Lovely looking vice by the way.


  2. Simon Graham · January 5, 2011

    7 hours, 12mins and 9 seconds of meagre daylight…….Lucky bastard! am lucky if I see 4 hrs of daylight a day at the mo. Okay maybe if I woke up a tad earlier would help matters,but I just don’t see the point of getting out of bed until 11h00 in the morning!

  3. Alan Bamber · January 5, 2011

    Just found your blog and I am a fan, already!

  4. Alistair · January 5, 2011

    Hi Allan – 69 just happens to be my favourite………number :-)The vice is a JVice made in South Africa – I reviewed it here: http://urbanflyfisher.com/jvice-review-hot-rotary-action/ it is a lovely bit of kit and I always wonder why more people dont own one – lots of people go on about fancy Waldren Vices however this one I think looks the deal and more importantly ties any fly you throw at it.

    Simon – due to the boy I get to be awake for a few hours of darkness before dawn – unfortunetly you are not missing much – Dawn is like someone pissing in an icy bucket as opposed to a waterfall of light.

    Alan Bamber – thanks!

  5. alan atkins · January 5, 2011

    I was lucky enough to get out fishing on Monday and managed 4 nice grayling between the two of us, with 2 of the fish pushing the 2lb mark. Don’t get me wrong, the fishing was tough and we had to work hard for our fish, but great to kick off the 2011 season with some success ! I hope to get out this weekend and with more settled conditions, I expect sport to be more consistant, here’s hoping anyway !!!

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