Oh why did Steve Irwin not see the Danger Danger !!!

So I have been hearing mixed views on the death of Steve Irwin the infamous crocodile hunter. For some, it was an accident waiting to happen for a reckless adrenalin junkie who was just in it for the cash and for others it was a tragic accident that robbed the world of a dedicated Australian naturalist and wildlife expert.

To be honest I liked the guy and kind of sit in the middle, it was a tragic accident waiting to happen to a dedicated wildlife expert!

danger danger
Pity there will be no more “danger danger” !!


  1. polly · September 4, 2006

    Danger!Danger!I forgot about that one…..thanks for bumming me out even more.Steve-What a beauty!

  2. Stu · September 4, 2006

    Great blog on angling in what looks to be a great area.

    Gotta agree about Steve Irwin – nice bloke, very influential and a good presenter but it was almost inevitable that one of these presenters is injured or dies in their job.

    Like you say – a tragic accident waiting to happen to a dedicated wildlife expert!

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  3. what about “your alright mate!” I for one will miss him, he was legendary! RIP Steve Irwin

  4. fisherman · September 4, 2006

    This was very sad. The reason that I thought that it was sad was because even with all the bravado Steve Irwin just was excited about animals and life. He left a wife and two kids and I felt that he really did make a difference, especially to kids about the dangers and interesting things about animals.

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