Novice Fly Tying

I am a novice fly tier. I wish I was able to turn out those exquisite flies I see guys who have been tying for years effortlessly churn out. It takes me around 10 mins to tie a fly and even then there is no guarantee that it will turn out ok. So I sat tonight and tied up a few Klinks and little cdc olives. I have a little box I got free that I am slowly filling up and the idea is that when the season starts I will transfer them all over.

Its funny how some flies seem to last and others don’t. With Klinks I find that after a few fish that’s it jiggered although to be fair if it has caught one fish then it has done its job, anything else is a bonus. I find it difficult getting the motivation to tie during the close season as I do not have that urgency of “eak I need to tie up half a dozen of these for tomorrow” syndrome.
Saying that though, just a month till the season is underway, maybe half a dozen per sitting and try and have one sitting a week. Should be able to do it in time I reckon!


  1. Alan Atkins · February 16, 2006

    You have got me feeling guilty now !! I need to tie up some early season patterns VERY SOON. I hav been tying a lot of tubes and big doubles for the salmon season, but have neglected the trout ones. This months fly tying and fly fishing mag had some nive March Brown spider/ nymph patterns that i will have ago at, as most fish will be lying deep unless the weather warms up considerably over the next 3 weeks. Your olive c.d.c.’s look great though, whta is the dressing? p.s. Caught first salmon of the season on the Teith last week, 10lbs of angry spring fish on the dreaded flying condom !!! Yet to get opne on the double hander, hopefully tomorrow. I put the fish back to appease the angling gods !!

  2. Alistair · February 16, 2006

    Keeping the dressing on the QT just now, the walls have ears and all that 🙂

    Congratulations on your Salmon !!

  3. Alan Atkiins · February 16, 2006

    No wories, mum’;s the word and all that. I’ll capture you on the river when the season starts, and mabye devulge my march brown nymph pattern !!

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