No great lunkers.

I managed a few hours on my highland river this evening. There was a lot of water coming down it and I actually had a thought I might spot a Salmon. Consequently I strung up my 7 weight with an Allys Shrimp and went for a yomp down some likely pools – needless to say I did not have a scooby what I was doing and soon became bored at the lack of action and then agitated by the number of slurps from trout I was walking past.


I yomped it back up to my car and got out my 4 weight, after a few casts I kinda wished I had my 5 weight SLT however soon my klink was being pounced upon by several trout in the faster water.

Not a lunker..

After a few trout I decided to head home as I currently have some house visitors that I abandoned.

Glad I went though.

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