Nicest trout I caught from the Kelvin in the 08 season..

This my friend is the story of the nicest trout I caught from the Kelvin in the 08 season. By nice I mean biggest as well as most memorable. Not that I judge how well caught a trout is by how big it is, more about the situation, mood and overall experience. I suppose it adds to the experience if by some jammy piece of chance it is also big.

The experience pretty much  sums up pretty much the whole of the 08 season for me – lots of memorable trout however no photographic evidence to back them up (or to show you guys and to keep in this diary)


I caught the trout one evening, a warm muggy evening – it was after a hard day at work and I decided to head to the Kelvin for some evening action – something that seems to have been lacking in my life over the last two seasons. There is something about dusk that calms the soul – the birds are lazier, the trees seem heavier and the trout get hungry (sometimes)

I worked my way up some slow barely moving water – every now and then I would see a trout rise however when covered it would immediately spook. Just after the slow water there is some nice riffles and this (I thought) was going to be the main event. By this point it was proper dusk and I caught maybe a dozen trout like this one…


…some bigger some smaller (note slack grip ensuring trouts guts are not squashed – a pet hate of mine in fishing photos) – I was using my Orvis Superfine 4 weight and a CDC & Elk – it was a great night. There had been a consistent hatch the whole evening and all the trout were eager for surface action.

At the top of the series of runs there is a way to battle through the bushes and then climb a small wall without having to wade back down the river. I thought about it for a moment, it was a hassle and would spoil the mood of the evening, it would make me all hot and bothered – it was peaceful, I felt safe – so I decided to just wade back down to my starting point and an easy exit. On my way down I noticed the trout were now rising in the slow water – they must have been made braver due to the darkness – I ended up dapping my fly down the river beside me, maybe a rod length from me as I waded slowly down the river, hardly casting (it is very difficult to cast here a roll cast is a must) – suddenly a trout slashed at my fly – I struck and it was gone I had missed it – I immediately put the fly back in the same place, again the trout took and it was on, leaping around the pool and boring deep – I kid you not at this point I thought I had caught my first Sea Trout on the dry fly – it took several minutes to subdue. Once in my hand I quickly unhooked it (you can see where this went all wrong cant you!) reached into my pocket, got my camera out and …flash…took its picture. Just at the moment of the flash the trout wiggled and was in the water, it paused and then was off like a …..well, like a fish really!

So this my friend is a picture of my nicest trout from the Kelvin in the 08 season.



  1. Billy · February 6, 2009

    Thought it was big Alistair? Looks more like a fingerling to me!:)

  2. Roddy Finnie · February 6, 2009

    Hi Alastair,
    At last…proof that trout do exist in the Kelvin.
    It would have felt a lot bigger (and probably put up a better scrap) if you’d use a lighter rod e.g. a three weight – my favourite for the White Cart.
    Wit izzit wie awe youz boyz nowadays…you’ve goat tae take pictures of everything that youz catch?!? Mental pictures are better and memories are nicer. My pal Brian carries dozens of pictures about wie him in his wallet and is a pain-in-the-posteria when he shuvves (under yer nose, at every opportunity) a picture of his 1970 or 1980 something captive!
    Al, see if you can catch two trout (aff the Kelvin) on the same day…now that would be special!!!
    Howz the wean?

  3. Alistair · February 6, 2009

    Hey Roddy – I like my four weight – I find using anything lighter makes casting a little difficult in the wind – but then that is just my casting 😉

    I think in this diary I like taking the ofdd picture of trout – they ar esuch lovely pictures – it is like looking at pictures of naked ladies – they are all different however all the same – you always want to know what the next one looks like though 🙂

    The wee tyke is now letting us have a few hour sleep at night!


  4. Paul · February 6, 2009

    I’ve been missing that stretch of water all winter 🙂 Can’t wait to be wading up it again.
    Hope all is well with you new arrival.
    Best Wishes

  5. Alistair · February 6, 2009

    Maybe this year Paul we will meet up for an hour or two!

  6. Paul · February 6, 2009

    For sure Alistair, we’re long overdue for a few casts together.

  7. Andy C · February 6, 2009

    whats up with its tail it looks deformd

  8. Alistair · February 6, 2009

    Not deformed – just a wonky picture !

  9. terry.2533 · February 6, 2009

    Hello, I am Terry I took up fly fishing 2 years ago, just teaching myself as I go along Up to now I have practised on local fisheries but having got my permit for the Clyde and especially the Kelvin I now only want to fish the rivers, the Kelvin is of great interest to me as I live close to it.
    On Sunday I ventured down to the Kilsyth end of Kirkintilloch but was very disappointed, this weekend I intend trying the Torrance stretch ie bridge before Torrance roundabout. Whilst I appreciate that it’s a case of trial and error to find good spots to fish it would be greatly appreciated if you could give me a couple of suggestions of places to try, to be honest I am unsure of even good access points anywhere in Glasgow for example. Any advice anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated

  10. Alistair · February 6, 2009

    Terry – post in the forum

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