My next purchase? Tea Stick Reel??

I think I just found my next purchase. I have enjoyed using my little bamboo rod a lot this season and I see the same company is now producing reels. I have got to say they look mighty sweet…
sweet reel

It is funny how fishing with bamboo rods is not as popular here in the UK as it is over in the US. I get a lot of mails asking me where I got my rod…….I also get a lot of people asking me on the riverbank where I got my rod….I think I might be the only person on the Kelvin that uses one!

Check out Tea Stick Rod Co’s reels!!


  1. Dean Burris · October 10, 2005

    Curious about fishing with a bamboo rod, how does it compare to other rods? Have you had any problems with it being harder to nymph fish due to length? Have you tried other bamboo rods other than the Tea Stick? I’m interested in getting one for traditions sake, but don’t have a good practical reason to.

  2. Alistair · October 10, 2005

    Sent you an email Dean !!

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