Most enjoyable…..kinda

Lovely afternoon down at the Kelvin today. The day was warm with plenty of flies on the water…the only problem being that there was not a lot of fish moving. Still managed to winkle out a couple of brownies and what looked like a little sea trout……..well it was silvery anyway.
Met two absolutley sound guys who were shiftily drinking beer under a tree wearing chest waders with their fly rods all set up. Stood chatting for around an hour and would probably still be there now if I hadnt actually wanted to get some more fishing done. Had a good chat about the virtues of fishing the fly against bait and they were generally two of the most enthusiastic guys I have met.
Anyway, seeing as how I had my “Warden Badge of Power” I asked a few folks if they had their permits……….nope. That makes 4 people fishing down at the vet school without permits. Makes you wonder doesnt it :/


  1. Jim Burns · April 30, 2005

    Hi Alister,
    Was fishing the kelvin yesterday. Started at the Vet school and as required sigined in at gate house and noticed that I was the only name on the page for the day at that time. On arriving at the river there was two bait guy’s fishing up stream and another two at different spot’s down stream from were I was fishing 5 fishing only one name in the log book. As you have to put your permit number in would assume they did not have one. On two occasions have been wading in the river at Vet school and have retrived bait gear ie.Mepps lures, first one was small but the second one was frightening. I don’t mind bait fishing but the size of the tackle they use you think they were fishing for fish in double figures. Fished at a stillwater recently and caught 12lb 4oz rainbow and caught this on a size 10 wet hook. Don’t need big hooks to catch fish. 12, 14, 16’s are more than big enough to fish the Kelvin. When fishing the Kelvin yesterday down stream of Half Penny brigde was so into trying to catch a nice size brownie which was rising on opposite bank that I did not notice at first there was someone else fishing. And it was not human it was a OTTER it was only about 20ft up stream sitting on a large flat rock. At first was not sure what it was then could not believe it was a otter. How I wish I had my camera (will have next vist). Only problem was I think the otter ended up with the fish as the fish was no were to be seen and the otter then was no were to be seen . Better fisher one the day I think. Always something new to be seen On the Kelvin.
    On the subject of GAC you never Know if you tell them that it’s you who has the Urban Flyfishing site they may give you some freebies to keep saying nice thinks. Have always found the staff of GAC to be most helpful anytime I have been there. Fly tying demonstrations last Saturday of the month these are very helpful. When getting my permit for the kelvin the member of staff at GAC said he was thinking of giving the kelvin a go this season as he had heard it was get quite popular.

  2. Alistair · April 30, 2005

    Hi Jim,
    It is nice to know that Otters are so close to the city centre 🙂
    The amount of rubbish kicking around the vet school as the season progresses is appaling…..sometimes I wonder if it will get taken off the club eventually :/

  3. alan atkins · April 30, 2005

    I think that you either caught a smolt (salmon on its way out to sea for the first time) as it is usually during May that i ahve caught them.O this was a recenly stocked brown trout that had yet to take on the distinctive brown trout livery.Alot a small trout bought from fish farms are siver as they are reared in ponds with feeding from pellets and little or no stones/vegetation in their rearing ponds to give them colour.My experience of sea-trout on the Kelvin has been generally in June/July and the biggest has only been about 1.5lbs (finnock/herling/whitling or whatever you want to call them).Bigger sea-trout must be there but will require stealth and fishing at night.Iam very keen to find out about the distribution and numbers of the adult seatrout in the river so if anyone has any info please let me know.I would be very interested in gathering some like minded,dedicated fishers for night work this year .Then,and only then,will we know.I suspect that large browns caught at the back end are actually coloured seatrout.Anyway,let me know if anyones interested

  4. Joe Ferguson · April 30, 2005

    Can anyone confirm the rumour that a Rainbow was caught near Torrance at the beginning of June? I was not aware that the Kelvin had any Rainbows in it.

  5. Alistair · April 30, 2005

    It was probably just an escapee from the fishery. Not a big problem 🙂

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