Had to go to Milngavie yesterday….Claire wanted to go to m&s. Anyway….i said that oh yeas…i would love to come with her. As soon as we got there i buggered off to look at the fish pass just next to the shops. Thats the Gavins mill fish pass…

This is part of The Allander by the way which is a tributory of the Kelvin!As it was there is not much water going through it just now, but just above it I seen a nice trout of around half a pound shooting off!Pity I did not have my camera with me (the picture above is an old one).The Allander is looing lovely just now, full of leaves ad lookig very Autumy. With a bit of luck over the next few weeks I am going to go for a walk right along from Milngavie back to Anniesland. Should be nice and will take my new digital camera….can get some nice pictures with that!!Ta Ta

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