Lovely, just lovely!!

So I went hillwalking at the weekend. Set out early and walked up Ben Lomond. Ben Lomond is the most southerly Munro and, at 3195ft towers over Loch Lomond
ben lomond
We and it seemed like lots of people were all kitted out in walking gear and jumpers etc. All of us battling against the elements……it took us nearly three hours to walk to the top and the sense of achievement was great. It was only slightly dampened by a race that was going so on the way down we were passed by men and women running up and down it in shorts and t shirts
Very fit people, they ran up and back down in like an hour or something……puts you to shame really. There was some American tourists doing the hike as well and they were pretty impressed that the Scots were so tough that they were running up a mountain in the snow whilst everyone else was in hiking boots 🙂 As I passed I mentioned I had forgotton my shorts and T shirt !!

For stress relief I prescribed a few hours fishing down the Kelvin on Sunday. There were plenty of flies on the water -olives -but there was also a cold wind.
As much as some bits of the river are nice other bits are pretty grim…
car in river

Additionally I did not want to get too close to this thing…
It was leaking something …every now and then I would get a whiff of diesel. I think I will continue to try and track it down, will give SEPA a wee phone next week as well.
No photos of fish I am afraid but I did manage to catch around 4 but missed a fair few 

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  1. Alex · May 10, 2005

    hmmmm… petrol eh? I had a couple of trout from the kelvin last year that i ate and had a DISTINCT PETROLLY TASTE. Yuck! I now put back everything i catch in the kelvin. Even those really tasty looking clumps of smelly weed go back.

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