Lots of flies – no trout!

The Kelvin has been seeing huge Grannom hatches however as consistent with most rivers the trout do not even give them a second glance – I spent a few hours on the Kelvin a couple of days ago late afternoon to find very few trout even willing to take the nymph – which made me suspect the section I was fishing has had a fairly catastrophic disaster causing the population to decline (as opposed to me being crap)

A Grannom

I covered what rising fish I did see with a small CDC Sedge pattern – a trout that was rising certainly had a bash at it however I probably fluffed the strike –  further down the stretch in some slow water there were two trout rising – they were good trout – both were spooked by the tippet.

Sedge Swarm

Like something from the Bible

Interestingly, I hear that elsewhere on the river smolts and parr were taking the sedge – one person let me know the Big Blue Pool looked like it was raining due to all the risers.

As I beat my way through the bushes I found last years horror show was back..

Skunk Cabbage

That is correct the evil Skunk Cabbage is back……again!

Fishing The Tay tomorrow for a few hours – see you guys later!


  1. Paul · May 7, 2010

    Yeah I think somthing is wrong on the Kelvin too Alistair.I’ve only had a couple of tiny trout so far this season and seen very few risers. In past years the fish have been in a feeding frenzy when the grannom are around.
    Good luck on the Tay, I’ve fished it a few times lately and there have been good hatches of MBs and olives with the trout and grayling switching on to them pretty quickly.

  2. scotty9 · May 7, 2010

    Truly unbelievable that Alistair, no fish showing amongst that is quite an eye opener! I read a comment on the forum saying other areas were alive – you think they were mainly parr and smolts?

    Be interested in hearing how you get on at the Tay, I’ll be up that way in a couple weeks, may fish the river, not sure of plans yet.


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