Loch Awe!

So I went to loch Awe on Sunday their, a cracking day on a lovely loch with good company and fantastic scenery (you can tell I didnt catch anything)
I was in a boat with Alberto and Emanuele. Emanuele was a bit of a novice in a boat like myself but Alberto kept us right. We were using long rods with intermediate lines …i was using my old 10foot “daiwa wf98 rod” with a line rated wf 6 or 7. I had bought some wet fly casts special to save time but laughingly I spent a lot of time trying to sort out tangles as soon as i took them out the packet…..I would have saved time tying my own!! you live and learn i suppose.
Anyway the idea is you motor to a place and then drift towards the lochside with one person on the oars keeping the boat level and staying the right distance away from the shore…
towards shore
Anyway, Alberto knew exactly what he was doing but when it was mine and the other novices turn on the oars it was all “out a bit” or “in a bit” and on a few memorable occassions “turn the engine on” at this point i would panick and try and work out what way to turn the handle on the engine!

Loch Awe was lovely, you could watch the rain drifting across the loch,,,,

Wildlife………..we seen an osprey and a wild goat staring at us from the shore…..there was some mayflies hatching as well and caught an eel. Well, technically we didnt catch an eel what happened was we seen this thing bobbing up and down in the water and it turned out it was a float with a lengh of mono attached and on that was an eel. The eel must have got itself snagged and the “angler” must have snapped the line trying to get it out.

Alberto caught a nice fish, lovely looking and lost another. the novices caught nowt. But hey catching fish is the aim of fishing but not the purpose!

I managed not to do anything too crazy until we got back to dry land at the end of the day……i was taking off my waders and fell over like a tree being felled and nearly broke Emanuele’s sage rod!!

Ah well!!!

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