Let me be your Agony Fly Fishing Uncle anytime!

So I get a lot of emails from people. Especially now that the new season is approaching and people are thinking fishy thoughts. My visitor numbers have doubled as usual at this time and so have the emails. Usually they are the usual what flies, what rod variety with the possibility of meeting new people but some are different. I got an email a few weeks ago and I think my answer came across a bit strong or not subtle enough or something. Here it is, although the authors name not included.

I like your site alot as im irish and my fishing venues are identical to yours,I love flyfishing for the wild brownies.My fav. venue is this wee lough no one else fishes.the fishing on its unreal, i caught 6 browns on the last day of the season on a black pennel one of wich was a lovely golden 2 pounder.Is this kind of lough rare and should i tell anyone about it?


I thought long and hard about my answer, what advice I could give to this kindred soul who was so obviously moved by this little gem he had found that he had to reach out and tell me about it. My reply was thus.

I think you should share this burden of knowledge and tell me exactly
where it is, once done TELL NO ONE ELSE!

I look forward to precise directions.


Like I said, I think I came across to strong, I have not heard a reply.

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  1. peter · March 8, 2006

    During the close season,I have to confess i went
    stockie bashing.I have a favourite venue that`s not
    that big,in fact you could walk round it in 10 minutes.Out of 6 visits I have been the only angler
    5 times.It`s £10 for an 8hr ticket and fly only(4fish)
    and I`ve yet to blank.Fish average at 1.1/2-3lbs+ and
    the views of the Clyde estuary are 2nd to none.I fish
    with an 8`6“ scierra and no.4 float.line 4lb leader.
    I have to say though I still prefer wading the Kelvin.

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