Kelvinography – Kelvin Hotel

You know – when I spotted this hotel while standing at a bus stop I thought that it was going to be a bit….you know – pay by the hour or a bit of a bed and breakfast for Glasgow City Council’s homeless teams however after a quick Google I was pleasantly surprised – it is a proper hotel albeit a two star – clean, friendly, cheap and in the West End of Glasgow – you can walk to some fine trout fishing in under 5 minutes.

Kelvinography - Kelvin Hotel

A worthy addition to the Kelvinography collection!


  1. It’s cool – I once watched a documentary on English lives called “Eastenders” It appeared to me that life revolved around the local pub and everyone got involved with everyone elses privates

  2. Sweet I know the one you mean, for an updated insight may I recommend TOWIE?

    I too am a fan of the documentary genre, I saw one set in your neck of the woods, ‘Trainspotting’ I believe it was called although as I remember it the program was largely about the search for a female hero, who the locals just couldn’t get enough of.


  3. TOWIE ? I had no idea a few hundred miles made people so much more……buxom!!

    However, I think you are getting your documentaries mixed up, I believe you are thinking of the factual account of an American visiting Scotland called “Local Hero”

    “Trainspotting” is based on Edinburgh and not Glasgow – it is entirely accurate and factual and depicts much of Mike from Tamanawis’s life.

  4. You should defiantly vist Essex – you’ll be vajazzled or at least have the opportunity for a hands on inspection of someone who is. Especially if you go on a friday for some reason

    Oh my mistake I thought LH was cynical attempt to sanitise the activities of land rapists and buy the locals approval with sentimentality?

    On the subject of documentary I saw one that did lead me to think I should seek refuge on your sie of the wall, “Restless Natives” they seemed like nice lads

  5. “Restless Natives” is actually my favorite Scottish documentary 🙂

    Peter – Nessie was privatized in the 80s and sold to the Japanese!

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