Keep going!

One foot in front of the other is all it takes when you go hill walking. Something good about the “lockdown” was the fact that outside the times that the hills were absolutely hoaching with folk the more popular hills were empty for some reason. I chose a weekday and took a couple of novices with me for their first hill – my eldest and my niece. 

I decided on Ben Donich as I have drove up the rest and be thankful far too many times and gazed up at this rocky peak without actually stepping foot on it far too many times. Plus it looked like a good walk with a mix of scrambling and good views that would keep the youngsters happy. Interestingly, this road is just a few years older than the United States and appears to have just as many problems.

The rest and be thankful

When you stand at the bottom of one of these hills and look up it you really do not think it is going to take you just a couple of hours to get up it however as you put one foot in front of the other up a steep path and you watch the height and heart  gain rapidly you can see how the time can go fast.

The trig point at the top was shrouded in mist which the youngsters liked – I have read that getting up here in the winter is very problematic requiring crampons etc so not one for the novices.

The current “lock down” continues – going by the guidance if you live in England then no fishing allowed while in Scotland you appear to be allowed – which means that hordes of folk are buying weed and heading to the Forth n’ Clyde canal on a jolly.


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