K action!

Actually lack of action to be fair.

I got to the river at around 5pm and even though it was hot and bright at around 15 degrees in the shade there was a real cool breeze. There was flies on the water but a lack of actual trout rising for them. I fished the botanics and it certainly looked fishy enough…

I wandered up to where there are some trees close to the water where there is usually a definite riser and finally found my fish. It looks idyllic however barking dogs and groups of joggers were running around like crazy behind me.

Thankfully there was a break in the mob and I managed to fire off a few casts – obviously I left a few flies in the trees and then finally after covering the trout a half dozen time it finally took. I reckoned it would be a leviathan due to its picky nature however a hand sized trout put a bend in the rod instead. 

I spoke to my pal Alex about it who summed up the start of the season by observing that the hatches had started but the trout were not interested yet.

I agreed!

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  1. Kevin · May 23, 2018

    Some of the smallest brown trout are the prettiest !