Just one of those days!!

Do you ever get one of those days when you just walk aimlessly?
Got up early and walked down to Dawsholm park, at around 8am. No fish rising and for that matter th eriver was very low, down to its bones..
new burnt oot car
A nice new burnt out car sitting at the bridge, the last one got taken away in ……..what a few months…..so im pretty sure this one will become a nice part of the scenery as well……….it actually looks as if its been sitting there for months not days.
Anyway, I walked and walked and walked untill I was away past the vet school and heading past Maryhill…
bare bones
It was bare as anything up there, a nice burnt out car as well………………ah sometimes I wonder what it woul dbe like fishing somewhere without a nice car causing a nice pool to form. The shopping trolleys I dont mind, as they weed up meaning that fly life is attracted to the weeds, and juvinile trout can hide in amongst spokes ……….I dont want a river full of them though :/
Anyway, I was walking aimlessly for miles, withot casting, didnt really seem much point to be honest…..
I was supposed to fish up the West End today but what with the weather being so changeable I didnt want to risk it. I think I will wait a few hours and see what happens, if it looks ok I may just stoat on a bus up that way and get Claire to give me arun back up the road when she finishes her shift.
I did catch one juvinile trout, on one of my “grey dusters” that i had tied up the other day….so that was ok 🙂