I was STUCK……down a DITCH!!

Just back a short time from the River. I left at around 0930 and got home around 2pm.
Another great day, with a good few fish caught, im not exactly sure how many…possibly around 10!!
I was using those little Clyde Style flies and they certainly did not let me down. I was fishing fairly traditionally with them , casting them across and then letting them drift down with the current. At one point I was getting a fish on every cast…….3 in a row if i remember!!

yet again i would like to point out how hard it is to take pictures of fish whilst unhooking em’

They are both different fish by the way, the second one swam away as i was trying to take his picture………I did feel slighltly like a stalker!!

I also caught what seemed like one of those sea trout that had been stocked earlier in the season. it was certainly nice and fat and was looking in great condition!!#

Other things….

I got stuck next to the river for a while today and could not get out…….I had climed over a fence and forced my way through some jaggy horrible things and then slipped down a steep slope to get to a nice pool!!!

Anyway, after fishing for a bit i i decided to try and get back up….

Above is where i had to try and climb up and it was a …


Half way up i was starting to panick……… i took a picture of myself in case someone found my rotting corpse and could not identify me !!!!!!!!!

Eventually after tearing my clothes i managed to fall over and crawl a few feet and finally made it up….

My sister sent me a text in the middle of this shambles ……………it wasall quite scary…….when i got out there was someone walking there dog….i wanted to run up to them shouting “im FREE …..FREE” but i thought they might think i was a bit of a freak!!


  1. Anthony · October 5, 2003

    Now thats what I call a commited fly fisherman. Right on man!

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