Hey – you guys in the states!!

Hey – you guys, aye – you and you, and quite possibly you – you guys had better keep an eye on your outgoing man at the top – seems he is bringing in a pile of new laws on the quiet. 

Some of them you are just not going to like:

After spending eight years at the helm of one of the most ideologically driven administrations in American history, George W. Bush is ending his presidency in characteristically aggressive fashion, with a swath of controversial measures designed to reward supporters and enrage opponents

…One rule will make it easier for coal companies to dump debris from strip mining into valleys and streams. The process is part of an environmentally damaging technique known as ‘mountain-top removal mining’. It involves literally removing the top of a mountain to excavate a coal seam and pouring the debris into a valley, which is then filled up with rock. The new rule will make that dumping easier.

That takes combining mountain climbing and fishing to all new levels.


  1. He’s been doing this shit his whole term, but it’s getting ridiculous now. Some of the new regulations can be reversed as soon as he’s gone (and that can’t happen soon enough to that economy-wrecking, torturing, environment-trashing son of a bitch), though a few will take a lot longer.

    I could go on and on about the underhanded shit we’re seeing, but what’s the point – he’ll be gone soon enough (only 8 years too late).

  2. I’m waiting for the final week so’s he can pardon Bernie Madoff – that way Bernie and Cheney can go quail hunting.

    Hopefully he’ll return to some dustbowl in Texas where he can blight the landscape with dry oil derricks and the bones of his dead cattle.

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