Get the wallets oot, it is the new season!

A week or so ago I posted over on the facebook page about how I wondered what the hell a bluetooth nano fly rod was all about? This happened because the Sportfish catalogue fell through the door and I took great delight in flicking through it at the stuff that I didn’t need. 

I am genuinely intrigued as to how the marketing folk came up with the name Bluetooth Nano Salt/Pike .I imagine some dusty old duffers sitting around pondering new sounding words that they hear the kids talking about – I bet it was one step away from being called the WiFi Router Salt/Pike or the Tik Tok YouTube Salt/Pike. 

Anyway, my abhorrence of fishing marketing was just settling when the orvis catalogue fell through the door. 

Bold move Orvis – first page BAM – most expensive thing in the catalogue right in your face. Eighteen hundred quid’s worth of outfit hit me right in the mug. I am glad that I bought all my quality gear when I was younger and have never felt the need to “upgrade” especially to a rod that bluetooths anything to anywhere. 

I was just getting to the stuff that I can actually afford and therefore the stuff that I need when I noticed the mistake – because surely it was a mistake, a pair of line nippers for £89??? 

How fucking much?

I thought back to how many line snips I have bought over the last 20 or so years – I am pretty sure the combined total of how much they all cost probably comes to around £30. And that is only because I bought three pairs of Leeda snips for a tenner on Ebay last year and 5 years ago I splashed out on an airflo one for nine quid that I then promptly lost on one of my rivers. You can now buy 5 sets of my Leeda snips on Amazon for under three quid – you can buy them here!

I blame Hardy with their subliminal advert fiasco – remember that!


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